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Charlie writes chiefly about industrial relations, politics, culture and social services.


WA election micro-party form guide: the major minors

February 27, 2017 5

"Let's all vote for Henry" is running again as a candidate for Family First. Plus the other minor parties you might have heard of.

If only there were a word to describe how everyone feels about Milo …

February 22, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos has had a very bad week.

What is the price of ripping off other journos’ work? Yahoo7 learns: $300k

February 17, 2017

A $300,000 fine is substantially more than the cost of employing a court reporter. Just saying.

How much influence does the ACTU actually have?

February 16, 2017 2

The ACTU doesn't have a “big influence” on the day-to-day activities of unions.

Video of the day: the interview technique of Kellyanne Conway

Video of the day: the interview technique of Kellyanne Conway

February 15, 2017 3

If you've ever asked, "how does she do it?!", this is how she does it.

Fairfax abolishes editor-in-chief role at SMH, The Age

February 14, 2017 1

There are, as ever, questions as to what the reduction in editorial oversight does to the quality of journalism.

‘Energy’, ‘families’, ‘work’: Turnbull’s obsessions during the first week of school

February 10, 2017 6

While the word to get the most attention this was “sycophant”, Malcolm Turnbull spent a lot more time talking about electricity during the first week of Parliament. A survey of his media appearances, speeches and answers in question time over Parliament’s first week back shows he used the word sycophant a mere five times (to […]

What is Roe 8 and why has it become a vote-winning issue in WA?

February 10, 2017 4

It would be WA's first toll road, and represents the first stage of the $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link.

‘Poor fact checking, sensationalism and flat-out fabrication’: Wikipedia FINALLY BANS Daily Mail as ‘as generally unreliable source’…but not everyone agrees.

February 9, 2017

Who'd have thought, The Daily Mail is not an authoritative source.

Injunct it like Beckham

February 8, 2017 1

David Beckham learns the hard way that injunctions are increasingly flimsy in a global media environment.