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Christopher Warren —

Christopher Warren

Christopher Warren is an Australian journalist and writer. He was federal secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance until April 2015, and is immediate past president of the International Federation of Journalists.

The front page of The New York Times on Sunday, May 24, 2020. (Image: Sipa USA/Richard B. Levine)

Power of the press grows ever weaker as sales slump to new COVID-19 lows

Printed newspapers' circulation has plummeted over two decades and the pandemic is another kick in the guts.

Ronan Farrow. (Image: AP/Invision/Evan Agostini)

A very NYC media stoush sheds light on journalism's dark night of the soul

As American journalists quietly grapple with their purpose under Donald Trump's presidency, those questions have bubbled to the surface in an online spat between The New York Times and The New Yorker.

(Image: Unsplash/Con Karampelas)

Game on: media using code war with big tech to access user data

Big media companies like News Corp are fighting tech giants for greater access to your user data, and they may be getting a little help from the ACCC.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg with Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp. (Image: AP/Mark Lennihan)

How ad tech turns the web into a giant, money-churning Ponzi scheme

The opaque ad tech system – dominated by Google and Facebook – absorbs half the money spent on online advertising.

Seven reasons why BuzzFeed's passing means a sad day for Australian media

BuzzFeed Australia demanded attention for Australian challenges too often ignored by traditional media.

(Image: Unsplash/Bank Phrom)

Too big and too small: media giants are crawling the dry earth crippled and half-blind

The challenge for old media: go fully digital to stay afloat, but sink into oblivion by doing so.

Government to the rescue of old media. But is it just a pause in extinction?

The media dinosaurs are stomping their feet for government assistance. But will it be enough to save them from the COVID-19 meteor?

(Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

Regionals first, now mags: the great media vanishing shows no signs of easing

Australia's major magazine publisher, Bauer Media, has suspended titles and announced redundancies. Is there any way back from this?

Paul Murray (Image: Sky News)

Here's the news about the mainstream news — the boom might be over

Media outlets experienced an initial audience surge as readers sought out COVID-19 news. What happens now, as this interest starts to shift?

Alexander England and Asher Keddie in Offspring (Image: Channel Ten)

Morrison trashes the arts to save decaying media empires

This government has run to the rescue of News Corp, Seven West Media and Nine, while the arts industry careens toward a cliff.