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Christopher Warren —

Christopher Warren

Christopher Warren is an Australian journalist and writer. He was federal secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance until April 2015, and is a past president of the International Federation of Journalists.

Rupert Murdoch (Image: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Rupert Murdoch backs winners. That's why he's dumping Trump

With Trump trailing in the polls, the Murdochs are looking to jump ship. But could The Donald ditch them first?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Are Facebook and Google reaching the limits of their power?

Facebook is caught between the dollars of its advertisers today and its eagerness to avoid regulation tomorrow.

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Google pays publishers, including Crikey, for using news. Will audiences follow?

Google will pay some publishers for their content for a new news product.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Here's the news: endless turmoil at ABC, latest cuts start of new efficiency drive

The ABC's five-year plan has been revealed, with 250 jobs expected to go. But that's just the start of the cuts.

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A sign of the times: the audience for news sorts itself out from right to left

A new report shows that Australia's media is now more visibly starting to divide itself down political lines.

(Image: AAP/Mal Fairclough)

Nine's jump to the right leaves an editor on the outer and journalism poorer

The departure of The Age editor Alex Lavelle, points to a deeper cultural shift at the newspaper and in Australian media overall.

A recently defaced statue of Captain Cook (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

The Murdoch media is in a moral panic about the one cultural war it didn't start

News Corp (and some of its traditional rivals) is in a tailspin over recent anti-racist protests. Once again, old media is showing its age.

(Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

Revolt at The Age a sign of the times — and a pointer to how to save local journalism

As journalists at The Age revolt, and News Corp streamlines its tabloids, is there a better way to ensure local newspapers' future?

Media interview - large group of journalists interviewing VIP

The moral clarity of journalism is lost if the news really is from nowhere

Coverage of Black Lives Matter proves that Australian media will never achieve moral clarity unless it can identify its own racism as well as it can others'.

News Corp Australia newspapers. (Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

The one story newspapers never tell

If no one reports on the demise of the media, is it really happening?