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Aboriginal Australia: like the poorest of Africa, says Amnesty chief

November 16, 2009 14 Comments

The Secretary General of Amnesty International has likened conditions in Central Australia to the poorest parts of Africa and Asia, and described the gap between rich and poor in this country as the most stark she's even seen.

John Howard transforming NRL: there goes the black fan base

October 7, 2009 37 Comments

Rugby league has been a dying game for many, many years -- is John Howard really the man to revamp it? It makes even less sense when you consider a large percentage of the hard-core league fan-base is black.

"White Power" T-shirt seller charged

September 18, 2009 4 Comments

The man exposed in Crikey last week for selling 'White Power Alice Springs' T-shirts has been charged with offensive behaviour and making a false statement.

‘White power’ t-shirts for sale in Alice Springs

September 10, 2009 63 Comments

As Alice Springs grapples with the alleged bashing death of an Aboriginal man by five young white men, one man has begun selling "Alice Springs White Power" t-shirts and caps. Outside the Council offices...

Racist, not working: UN bashes NT intervention

August 28, 2009 106 Comments

Make no mistake, the United Nations' criticism of Australia's Northern Territory intervention was a flogging of colonial proportions.

Jenny Macklin’s special brand of consultation

August 27, 2009 5 Comments

Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has discovered an interesting kind of consultation involving fences, writes Chris Graham.

Time to start making sense, Galarrwuy

August 12, 2009 3 Comments

Aboriginal leader Galarrwuy Yunupingu has dumped a bucket on the NT intervention -- a policy that only two years ago had his support Chris Graham is confused.

Alice camps injunction is down to Macklin

Alice camps injunction is down to Macklin

August 7, 2009 10 Comments

The Federal Court has delayed acquisition of Alice Springs town camps. Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin should have seen this coming.

Up to their ankles in sewage, a remote community’s patience runs out

August 5, 2009 28 Comments

The NT community of Ampilatwatja is overrun with raw sewage, and with complete inaction from the government, the residents have finally cracked.

Anderson quits, NT government on the brink

August 4, 2009 16 Comments

The ALP may have lost the numbers in the NT parliament, after Minister for Indigenous Policy, Alison Anderson, walked out on her cabinet post this afternoon.