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Gillard is wrong, bans won't stop those 'rivers of grog'

Gillard is wrong, bans won't stop those 'rivers of grog'

Chris GrahamFeb 8, 201320 Comments

Grog is destroying lives in Aboriginal communities, but race-based bans don't work. Julia Gillard wants to re-introduce a list of people banned from buying alcohol but the data doesn't support her.

Govts part of the black education problem

Govts part of the black education problem

Chris GrahamDec 20, 20122 Comments

The latest NAPLAN results show that government's have failed to "close the gap" between indigenous and non-indigenous students, despite billions being spent. So what does work?

Nobody was very serious on Aboriginal constitutional recognition

Nobody was very serious on Aboriginal constitutional recognition

Chris GrahamSep 21, 201211 Comments

Constitutional recognition for Aboriginal Australians was always doomed. Nobody in government wanted it badly enough, especially in the midst of a federal election.

Abbott's Cape York listening tour falls on deaf eyes

Chris GrahamAug 13, 201211 Comments

Tony Abbott spent the weekend doing his brand of a "listening tour" by rolling up his sleeves up and helping renovate a school library in the small Cape York community of Aurukun.

Chris Graham: Brough is back, with a record of failure

Chris GrahamJul 31, 201215 Comments

There's a broad expectation that Mal Brough will walk straight back into the ministry if he wins Fisher. And there's widespread fear in black Australia that the portfolio will be Aboriginal affairs.

Aboriginal protests: grassroots activism v boardroom blackfellas

Chris GrahamFeb 16, 201217 Comments

In the wash-up of the Tent Embassy debacle, a few opportunities have emerged. The most important is a discussion – particularly among young Aboriginal people – about a way forward.

The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white

The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white

Chris GrahamFeb 15, 201296 Comments

There is perhaps no event in the last few decades that better sums up the divide between black and white Australia than the debacle that engulfed the Embassy celebrations.

What's with Welcome to Country?

What's with Welcome to Country?

by Chris Graham, Editor-at-Large of The National Indigenous TimesMar 19, 201014 Comments

Aboriginal people have for thousands of years formally welcomed people onto their country. When other Aboriginal nations visited to trade, it was accompanied by welcoming ceremonies, explains Chris Graham.

Holding their breath for Palm justice

Chris GrahamMar 10, 201021 Comments

This latest inquest into the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee is being watched by Indigenous people around the nation for one simple reason: it represents the best chance yet for justice over an Aboriginal death in custody.

Biggest problem facing Scullion as shadow indigenous affairs? His boss

Chris GrahamDec 9, 200910 Comments

New shadow Indigenous Affairs minister Nigel Scullion has a genuine opportunity to make meaningful progress for the nation's most disadvantaged citizens. Let's hope he doesn't succumb to his poll dancing past.

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