Chris Seage —

Chris Seage

Tax consultant and former ATO audit manager

April, 2015

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No more ‘brick walls’: tax complaints outsourced to watchdog

, Apr 23, 2015

Tax complaints will no longer go to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, instead being handled by the Inspector-General of Taxation. And that is great news for taxpayers.
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Sex addict neurosurgeon bought cocaine from brothel, leaked docs show

, Sep 02, 2014

Former neurosurgeon Suresh Nair, who was found guilty of manslaughter over the death of a prostitute in his apartment, bought drugs from a brothel in Sydney, new documents reveal.
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A taxpayer bill of rights? Tax watchdog vows to listen

, Feb 10, 2014

The ATO has recently been accused of bullying and intimidating citizens. Now there's a push for a "taxpayer bill of rights" to reign in the Tax Office.
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Corporate tax avoidance is rife — but the ATO is willing to trust them

, Jan 16, 2014

Accountancy firms can sign off on corporate tax returns under changes proposed by the Tax Office. Are we letting companies off the hook? Tax consultant and former ATO officer Chris Seage reports.
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Revealed: the government agency stealing ideas from businesses

, Dec 02, 2013

A number of businesses are complaining a Defence Department organisation has stolen their intellectual property, Crikey can reveal. Chris Seage reports new legislation makes the problem worse.
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The tax man is watching: new surveillance force for ATO

, Oct 03, 2013

The tax man is stepping up the war on fraud and dodgy claims, using the Australian Crime Commission to monitor suspected cheats. Tax consultant and former ATO manager Chris Seage reports it's a first.
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What are your rights with the taxman? Call to clean up ATO ‘disgrace’

, Jul 19, 2013

Another disgruntled taxpayer is suing the ATO for $5.1 million in damages, as taxation experts call for stronger compensation rights and a taxpayers' charter to be enshrined in law.
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Tax Office pursuit of offshore tax dodgers ramps up

, Jul 02, 2013

The ATO will set up a new taskforce to catch businesses dodging tax by basing themselves offshore. It comes as the agency unsuccessfully pursued one company through the courts.
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Fair Work decision a boon to working parents

, Jun 14, 2013

The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a Melbourne IT worker should be allowed to return to work part time following her parental leave. Will the decision have a wider impact on working parents?
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Memo to Hockey: what’s really wrong with the Tax Office

, May 23, 2013

Joe Hockey wants to shake up the Australian Taxation Office. It's welcome news to accountants and taxpayers, but he'll need more than rhetoric to fix the ATO's problems.