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Brendan Foster

Freelance journalist

The glory hole to be displayed at the upcoming Western Australian Museum.

Is this a glorious new dawn for LGBTIQ history?

"The gays are out of the closet now and we aren’t going back.”

Noonkanbah in the Kimberley region of Western Australia is part of the area that may be fracked. (Image: AAP/Diana Plater)

'Divide and conquer': fracking developers campaign to Indigenous groups

Traditional owners say a lack of information, the promise of cash and the sheer size of potential land to be fracked are creating confusion in Western Australia.

How the Australia Day culture war came to WA

As debate continues at every level of government in the lead-up to Australia Day, we revisit the City of Fremantle. Some aren't convinced that change, when it comes, will begin with politicians.