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Bob Gosford

Editor of The Northern Myth

Darwin-based journalist and The Northern Myth blogger


The NT and the ‘bottom of the harbour’ scheme

April 18, 2018

In the early 1980s, pressure was building against the Northern Territory as a tax haven and those protecting it.

When the NT was Australia’s premier domestic tax haven – part one

April 16, 2018

Doing the Darwin Shuffle was big in the '70s. No, it wasn't a dance move. The Darwin Shuffle is an avoidance scheme that operated in the NT from at least the early 1970s through to the 1980s and had serious political ramifications.

Why an NT News court reporter was facing a contempt of court charge

April 3, 2018

The case of NT News reporter Craig Dunlop, who has been facing contempt of court charges, should be a lesson for court administrators and judges everywhere: if you're going to charge a journalist and their employer, make sure you know who published what, when and on whose authority.

NT judge brings ‘judiciary into disrepute’ but keeps job

December 11, 2017

NT youth courts are under stress but that doesn't mean judges should be kept at any cost.

I could’ve committed voter fraud in the marriage equality postal vote

September 18, 2017 9

Bob Gosford received three marriage equality voting forms in the mail, where he should've only received one. What would you do in his situation?

How a tiny Environmental Defender’s Office brought mining giant Glencore to heel

September 13, 2017

How much does the NT government holding in security bonds from mining companies? The companies don't want you to know -- but a tiny band of determined activists have brought the information to light.

How the ‘dysfunctional’ Country Liberal Party lost the Northern Territory

September 8, 2017 4

It's a long, slow march back to power for the CLP.

Stability in the NT doesn’t mean Michael Gunner’s policy has to be boring

August 28, 2017

The old, foreboding curse "may you live in interesting times" doesn't apply to Michael Gunner's leadership. The real test of the NT government will be what forward-thinking policy they can implement during this period of stability.

All quiet on Quintis: why is the NT govt backing a dud?

August 18, 2017

When TFS, now Quintis, received major project status from the Country Liberal Party many were sceptical. But now the new Gunner government has decided to continue backing the company, we have to ask whether any of this stands up to scrutiny.

BuzzFeed’s clickbaity coverage of the 2017 Garma Festival veers into noble savage territory

August 14, 2017

BuzzFeed has a lesson in how not to cover the Garma Festival.

NT indigenous employment program might be fraudulent as well as racist

August 9, 2017

The Indigenous Employment Provisional Sum might, unsurprisingly, turn out to be subject to widespread fraud.

Indigenous clan takes land council to court over $29m in claimed losses from Muckaty Station debacle

July 26, 2017

Old wounds will be re-opened in the Federal Court after disgruntled Aboriginal Australians filed an action against the Northern Land Council for allegedly losing them large sums of money after canning the Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump proposal.

Is the NT inquiry into political donations already doomed?

July 17, 2017 1

Proposals for a local inquiry into political donations -- and its ugly cousin election funding -- have been around for a while. And this one might be DOA.

‘You don’t know what a First World economy is’: NT judge rants at 13-year-old

June 19, 2017 17

The judge seemed uninterested in the “extremely difficult set of circumstances” the boy was facing.

Calls for a treaty with Aboriginal Australia have a long and troubled history

Calls for a treaty with Aboriginal Australia have a long and troubled history

May 31, 2017 2

Much of the Uluru statement consists of emotional -- albeit noble -- claims, motherhood statements and flowery language.

What is the most corrupt state in Australia?

February 24, 2017 1

NT blogger Bob Gosford reckons he knows the answer, and it's not Queensland.

Notes on a scandalous government

November 29, 2016

Adam Giles held on for so long because he was "the alpha male, the strongest performer -- the most ruthless and the most willing to strike to defend his territory."

Crocs in the cabinet: the full and true account of a government gone troppo

November 28, 2016 2

The public blood sport that was the Terry Mills/Adam Giles governments has been laid bare by Ben Smee and Christopher A. Walsh of the NT News.

Windschuttle cocks it up, alleging grand Aboriginal conspiracy

November 21, 2016 4

Back to the drawing board, Keith.

‘Jesus loves nachos is an icon’: the art of the impossible in the Top End

November 4, 2016

The NT government will not touch the "Jesus loves nachos", the iconic graffiti on the way out of Katherine.