Bhakthi Puvanenthiran — Associate editor

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

Associate editor

Associate editor


Turnbull veers to the right with cabinet reshuffle

December 19, 2017 12

None of the Coalition’s same sex marriage proponents were promoted.

How much did the section 44 crisis cost the taxpayer?

December 18, 2017 5

A million bucks? Two million? We should be so lucky.

Volatile Bennelong could blow up in Coalition’s face

December 15, 2017 10

If Alexander loses, all bets are off.

What the American net neutrality decision means for Australia

December 15, 2017 8

Ajit Pai's destruction of net neutrality has ramifications beyond the American economy into the realm of human rights.

How it feels to be caricatured in Richard Flanagan’s new novel

December 8, 2017 4

Publisher Sandy Grant was caught a bit off guard when he found himself fictionalised in Flanagan’s new book, First Person.

Turnbull urged to present his head as a ‘Christmas gift’

December 1, 2017 22

The Deputy Premier of NSW has stuck his neck out to get Turnbull's head.

Manus detainees pawns in a colonial ‘game of chicken’, says Tim Costello

November 24, 2017 4

As refugees on Manus Island are pushed to an uncertain future, Tim Costello asks the government to take responsibility.

Why suits will carry on American complicity in Russian misinformation

November 8, 2017 10

As US lawmakers and tech companies shout about an Honest Ads Act to prevent election meddling, they ignore how much Russia relies on traditional US press to spread disinformation all on their own.

Tony Birch says Mango poem controversy exposes student entitlement

October 18, 2017 13

In the aftermath of HSC students' vilification of poet Ellen van Neerven, we speak to author and academic Tony Birch about education, poetry, and online abuse.

Yale Diary: fighting climate change in the elite liberal bubble

October 4, 2017 3

Blind, abiding faith in the American system is well and truly alive in some circles writes Emma Shortis in this new regular column: Yale Diary.