Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bernard Keane is Crikey’s political editor. Before that he was Crikey’s Canberra press gallery correspondent, covering politics, national security and economics.


NT most politically correct ministry in Oz

August 14, 2008 10

No other Australian jurisdiction has come close to such strong indigenous, female and even regional/rural representation in ministerial government, writes Bernard Keane.

Murray Darling: 500 GI of water by December or bust

August 14, 2008 4

The Greens today called for an urgent inquiry into what water is available within the system for purchase by the Government, writes Bernard Keane.

Rudd’s risky marginalisation of the Greens

August 14, 2008 7

An important element of the Government’s self-presentation has been its claim to being at the centre of Australian politics. Kevin Rudd calls it "the reforming centre". But what does that exactly mean? investigates.

Overstretched ADF can’t supply backup to Tarin Kowt

August 13, 2008 7

Joel Fitzgibbon’s admission that there is no immediate solution to the problem of insufficient helicopters at Tarin Kowt to evacuate injured Australian or allied personnel is deeply alarming, writes Bernard Keane.

Xenophon flip flops on Fuelwatch

August 13, 2008 7

Nick Xenophon used to support Fuelwatch. Now he doesn’t., writes .

Five-hour delay for wounded Australians

August 12, 2008 5

The wounding of two ADF personnel has again raised the question of the support Australian forces are providing for personnel conducting operations around Tarin Kowt, writes Bernard Keane.

Green with Envi: Promoting non-existant carbon neutrality

August 12, 2008 1

The Government's 'Greenhouse Friendly 'scheme furthers an illusion of climate change activity, writes Bernard Keane.

Right to privacy sends media into a spin

August 11, 2008 1

The Australian Law Reform Commission has thrown down the gauntlet to two of Australia’s most powerful entities in its report on privacy, launched by John Faulkner and Robert McClelland in Sydney this morning, writes Bernard Keane.

NT result: bad for the ALP, even worse for pundits

August 11, 2008 10

With a minority CLP Government still possible up in the Northern Territory, Saturday’s election was terrible for Paul Henderson’s ALP – but even worse for the pundits, writes Bernard Keane.

Once upon a time … Rudd needs a narrative

August 8, 2008 4

If the Government doesn’t provide a narrative, the media will provide one or more for them, writes Bernard Keane.