Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bernard Keane is Crikey’s political editor. Before that he was Crikey’s Canberra press gallery correspondent, covering politics, national security and economics.


A tax rort is a tax rort, unless the AFR says it isn’t

May 20, 2009 1

Everyone loves economic reform until it affects them, at which point the excuses and justifications for the status quo -- the claims that sounded so hollow when made by others -- start coming out.

The ETS: our very own pig with lipstick

The ETS: our very own pig with lipstick

May 20, 2009 12

If the Government’s ETS will not provide the right signals and incentives for a shift to a low-carbon economy, then doing nothing or doing something else is the better option.

Nats don’t mind a rural rort, as long as it goes to their constituents

May 19, 2009 2

The collapse of Timbercorp and Great Southern is at least partly the consequence of the Howard Government’s attempts to regain control of agricultural managed investment schemes.

ABS staff removal shemozzle

May 19, 2009

The downright bizarre process adopted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to cut 180 staff prior to the Budget has now been acknowledged as “clearly inadequate”.

Nielsen Poll signals return to healthy Oz democracy

May 18, 2009

The Coalition should allow themselves just a little celebration over today’s Nielsen poll.

The Australian and The Times: coverage too close for comfort

May 18, 2009 3

We know they’re not exactly the most progressive types at The Weekend Australian, but you’d have thought they’d be aware that many of us have access to this thing called the internet.

Costello to Turnbull: ner ner nee ner ner

May 18, 2009 10

Peter Costello is now scarcely even trying to hide his undermining of Malcolm Turnbull.

The Johns pack-sex saga: the media can’t lose

May 18, 2009

Pack sex is working class males’ one-fingered salute to the sexual myths the media has immersed them in since childhood.

Turnbull’s reply: solid but not PM material

May 15, 2009 24

In the Opposition Leader's Budget reply, there were no compelling ideas or bold initiatives; not even a circuit-breaking gimmick like Brendan Nelson’s petrol excise move.

Canberra’s new mandarin: meet Mike Mrdak

May 15, 2009

Canberra has a new mandarin, reports Bernard Keane.