Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bernard Keane is Crikey’s political editor. Before that he was Crikey’s Canberra press gallery correspondent, covering politics, national security and economics.


China will do whatever it likes. Hu knew!

July 13, 2009 20

Kevin Rudd suddenly finds himself in the firing line for failing to meet Australians’ expectations about how we should be treated overseas. But, says Bernard Keane, Australia can’t control what the Chinese do.

Media magnates split the bill on political donations

July 13, 2009

Australia’s media proprietors have given the major political parties around $1.6m in donations in the last two years.

Rudd scores global coup on carbon capture

July 10, 2009 29

If the world turned its back on coal because of carbon emissions, Australia would sustain significant economic damage, Bernard Keane explains the significance of carbon capture and storage for our nation.

Conflict of interest in the financial services sector: it’s time to act

July 9, 2009

While Australia conducts a review of superannuation and toys with self-regulation of financial advisers’ conflicts of interest, the United States and the United Kingdom are rapidly moving toward an outright ban on commissions.

The good economic news just keeps on coming

July 9, 2009 12

This is an economy coping remarkably well with a collapse in its terms of trade and a collapse in business lending.

The fallout inside the ALP after Qld election campaign

July 9, 2009 1

Outgoing Queensland ALP assistant state secretary Terry Wood has defended himself against claims of incompetence during the March election campaign.

Fair Pay: the perils of politicians appointing ‘independent’ experts

July 8, 2009 2

The Fair Pay Commission is a classic example of when politicians appoint independent experts, things often don’t turn out exactly the way they planned.

Back the debt truck up — we need big ideas like the People’s Bank

July 8, 2009 7

Some of our best economic thinkers from across the ideological spectrum have penned an open letter urging a comprehensive review of the Australian financial system. About time!

News Ltd v the Rudd government … V for vendetta

News Ltd v the Rudd government … V for vendetta

July 7, 2009 32

The Rudd Government is exploiting a News Ltd vendetta to the hilt to avoid scrutiny and reinforce the Prime Minister’s popularity.

Fifteen turbulent years of Australia’s economy, in graphs

July 7, 2009 5

Bernard Keane graphs the evolution of the Australian economy, and its politics, since the end of the Keating era.