Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bernard Keane is Crikey’s political editor. Before that he was Crikey’s Canberra press gallery correspondent, covering politics, national security and economics.


Side View: the death of resting in peace

June 20, 2018

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: more exciting things to blame millennials for, China gets in on the fake news boom, and the United States of Dystopia.

Generation games: how young people are getting more and more screwed

June 20, 2018 4

For young Australians, our economy has been becoming more unequal in recent years -- and that's likely to accelerate.

The last dinosaur roars for vertical integration

June 20, 2018 8

David Murray's self-interested warnings to the banking royal commission not to go too far would leave Australians at the mercy of a badly warped financial planning industry.

Labor aspires to exorcise the ghost of Howard

June 20, 2018 6

Labor has again defied political common sense and invited a scare campaign on income tax cuts. Will its luck run out, or will Malcolm Turnbull stuff it up again?

The 10 truths the left can never admit

June 19, 2018 68

What truths cannot be uttered on the left? Just as there are things that can never be admitted on the right, so too are there unmentionable things on the other side.

Clive, Brian, Pauline and the great physics experiment of Australian politics

June 19, 2018 18

The process of senators bouncing around micro-parties is the result of unstable entities tapping into the energy of populist discontent — and breaking up as a result, in an endless process.

Easy as ABC: how to privatise national broadcasting

June 18, 2018 22

Privatising the ABC would be relatively straightforward, and there are different options for doing it if the government really wants to get going immediately.

The 10 truths Malcolm Turnbull can’t utter

June 18, 2018 20

For all his power, there are certain truths Malcolm Turnbull can't admit for fear of infuriating the right.

Australians living longer than ever — but girls’ suicide a looming concern

June 15, 2018 4

Despite the many epidemics we're said to be in the grip of, we continue to be healthier and live longer. But there are some concerning signs around suicide.

Tapering jobs growth kills wage growth hopes

June 15, 2018 14

The peak of the jobs boom is behind us. If wages haven't started growing strongly by now, they're hardly likely to do so in coming months.

Where Trump’s tax cuts went next — straight into executives’ wallets

June 15, 2018 6

In unsurprising news, money from Trump's corporate tax cuts are not just going into the coffers of affected companies, but directly into the pockets of the CEOs who run them. Do we really think Australia will be any different?

How 2014 ushered in the new police state era in Australia

June 14, 2018 18

A confluence of factors has meant that the past four years have seen the development of a police state in Australia aimed at punishing dissent. But ultimate responsibility lies with voters.

Reserve Bank confirms wage stagnation dragging down economy

June 14, 2018 34

"Don't mention industrial relations" appears to be the mantra for policymakers as they try to explain why wage stagnation is weighing down the economy so heavily.

Side View: the week in Trump

June 13, 2018

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: the real meaning of denuclearisation, your brain’s refresh rate, and some love for the humble CD.

The neoliberal solution to low wages growth? Cut wages further!

June 13, 2018 10

For neoliberals, every problem can be fixed by cutting wages and conditions and reducing the size of government. Even low wages growth.

The faceless bureaucracy that’s pushing us down the road to a police state

June 13, 2018 37

Australia's transition to an anti-dissent police state reflects a bureaucratic system intent of extending itself, and politicians who have an interest in allowing it to.

Bye bye, Dover: time to properly license financial planners

June 12, 2018 3

The closure of Dover Financial illustrates that only tough regulatory decisions lie ahead for financial planning.

An incomplete list of evidence that Australia is becoming a police state

June 12, 2018 34

The government is taking Australia down the road to a police state where criticism or embarrassment of the government is punished. This is how.

Ramsay Centre shows a government focused on the far right, not voters

June 8, 2018 35

When voters want politicians to focus on real-world issues, the government getting hooked on far-right obsessions is a poor look.

It’s not about ‘foreign interference’. It’s about curbing transparency.

June 8, 2018 18

The foreign interference laws are a cover for a dramatic expansion in secrecy laws — one that has only partly been thwarted.