Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Bernard Keane is Crikey’s political editor. Before that he was Crikey’s Canberra press gallery correspondent, covering politics, national security and economics.


Then and now: the pollies left red-faced over banking commission back-pedaling

April 19, 2018 16

Barnaby Joyce isn't the only one with old views coming back to haunt them.

The royal commission isn’t exposing flaws in the system — this IS the system

April 19, 2018 30

The revelations of the banking royal commission reflect deeper issues about policymaking in Australia than just the structure of the finance industry.

‘I charge dead people’ and other horror scenarios for the government

April 19, 2018 4

Embarrassment isn't the only problem from the banking royal commission for the government. It will cruel its narrative in other areas too.

The AFR’s obsession with Emma Alberici reaches fever pitch

April 18, 2018 12

How long will Financial Review readers have to put up with a senior journalist's obsessive writing about the ABC's Emma Alberici?

AMP treated the corporate regulator with contempt — understandably

April 18, 2018 21

The banking royal commission has shown how utterly contemptuous of the ASIC Australia's biggest firms can be.

Does anyone in the Australian public service get held to account?

April 17, 2018 40

Bungles are becoming increasingly commonplace in the public service but no one ever seems to be held to account for them, reflecting how poorly bureaucrats manage underperformance.

Banks’ business model burns to the ground at royal commission

April 17, 2018 19

What's left of the vertically integrated wealth management model, under which big banks and AMP ripped off consumers for years, was destroyed at the banking royal commission yesterday. And there's more to come.

Did the missile attack on Syria really happen?

April 16, 2018 42

Western military attacks on Syria's chemical weapons sites serve little purpose, are entirely incoherent, and part of profoundly flawed interventionist urge that plays out as ritual that may as well be fake.

Strike me lucky: how Australia killed industrial disputation

April 16, 2018 9

Industrial disputes in Australia are now a tiny fraction of what they were in the 1980s. Which might partly explain why our wages are so stagnant.

Trump tax cut claims collapsing as even Republicans turn against them

April 16, 2018 14

As the US company tax cuts bypass workers, even some Republicans are horrified at the fiscal damage they have done.