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Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands has reported and analysed the mechanical mobility of humanity since late 1960 - the end of the age of great scheduled ocean liners and coastal steamers and the start of the jet age. He’s worked in newspapers, radio and TV in a wide range of roles as a journalist at home and abroad for 56 years, the last 18 freelance.


Is Australia’s last Tiger heading for extinction?

January 17, 2017

Today, Virgin will fly an empty plane twice to Denpasar to pick up Tigerair passengers who have been, or might otherwise have become, the collateral damage in an ongoing disagreement with Jakarta's aviation regulators.

Badgerys Creek airport approval won’t save you from commuter hell

December 12, 2016 4

Sydney's second airport was a no-brainer 10 years ago, but it will another decade before it opens.

The supermoon is a super lie

November 15, 2016

There's a bad moon on the rise -- or at least, an enormous tide of ignorance when it comes to reporting on very common astronomical occurrences.

Is this the moment when MH370’s pilots realised all was lost?

November 14, 2016 1

Is it possible MH370 was not deliberately crashed, but suffered a cockpit fire and communications breakdown? A new theory points to the moment the pilots realised the flight was doomed.

US makes moves to prevent flash fires on jets like MH370

September 13, 2016

The news has broken the day after an apparently burned potential piece of wreckage from MH370 was handed to Australia’s air safety investigator.

Comet-lander Philae found (if only finding MH370 were as easy)

Comet-lander Philae found (if only finding MH370 were as easy)

September 6, 2016 2

Philae was released from comet-orbiter Rosetta on November 12, 2014. It was never seen again -- until now.

Hidden in the Southern Cross, newly discovered planet could support life

August 25, 2016 4

There is an Earth-sized planet orbiting the closest star to our Sun, and it's just possible your grandchildren will see it close up.

What we have learned (and forgot and relearned and forgot and …) about MH370

July 25, 2016 2

Coverage of the MH370 mystery has entered 'surprised goldfish mode' with the media recycling old, plausible and unproven assertion as if they are new.

Tony Abbott ‘yearns for justice’ but ignores airline’s role in MH17

July 18, 2016 7

Tony Abbott wants justice for victims of MH17. But he should consider the culpability of the airline, not just of Russia.

Dark matter: why the media bought NASA’s galaxy of lies about the Jupiter probe

July 5, 2016 15

Is science media dying?

EgyptAir onboard data points to fire, conspiracists whisper T-word

May 23, 2016

However tempting it might be to jump to conclusions about an attempted hijacking of MS804 the truth of the matter would be solved by the successful reading out of the cockpit sound recorder and the multi-channel flight data recorder.

EgyptAir crash is lost in a sea of doubt and fear

May 20, 2016

Almost everything you might have thought was known about missing EgyptAir flight MS804 in the last 24 hours was wrong, fictional, or under serious doubt.

As the search ends for MH370, what we know — and what we never will

May 18, 2016

Hopes that the wreckage fragments from MH370 will tell more about the jet's last moments have been dashed.

Labor consults map of western Sydney, makes revolutionary airport election promise

April 22, 2016 2

Labor gets all the credit for committing to a 24-hour airport at Badgerys Creek -- which is a smart play, because geography means there are no neighbours to complain.

High-speed rail will destroy the bush, but we might need it anyway

April 13, 2016

The issue of high-speed rail is not clear cut. Yes, we need it. But it will also destroy parts of rural Australia.

Why Elon Musk’s rocket landing should worry the NBN

April 11, 2016

Fibre to the node? Fibre to the premises? Pretty soon we might not need fibre at all.

Very little bang in Virgin’s Boom

March 31, 2016

Richard Branson's new PR move, a supersonic airliner called Boom, is little more than pie in the sky.

MH370 conspiracy likely goes all the way to the top

March 8, 2016 8

It is very likely that Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government knew much more than they are saying on that fateful night in 2014.

ABC story on airport ID checks just won’t fly

March 2, 2016

ID checks for every single flyer will not make us safer. But it will make us less free.

The search for MH370 just got a whole lot more complicated

February 18, 2016

If MH370 was flown into the ocean during a controlled glide, it could have travelled an extra 100 kilometres or more than we previously thought.