Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands has reported and analysed the mechanical mobility of humanity since late 1960 - the end of the age of great scheduled ocean liners and coastal steamers and the start of the jet age. He’s worked in newspapers, radio and TV in a wide range of roles as a journalist at home and abroad for 56 years, the last 18 freelance.


Meet ‘Joe’, the asteroid that could incinerate your city next week

April 10, 2017 2

"Joe", a might-be cosmic killer, is going to visit Earth's neighborhood next week.

Don’t look now, but scientists might have just discovered evidence of alien spaceships

March 15, 2017 4

Have we heard evidence of intergalactic space travel?

The colossal stupidity of turning a publicly owned airport into a badly run private monopoly

March 7, 2017

This is not just about Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports, but the mindset shared by the Coalition and Labor parties when it comes to short-term privatisation profits versus the economic future of Australia.

Three years on from MH370’s disappearance, is the mystery now unsolvable?

March 7, 2017 4

The risk that MH370 might not be found until well after all of those alive today are dead, and its mystery thus irrelevant and forgotten, is very real.

Outta this world: space tourists to hitch a ride to the Moon

March 2, 2017 7

Is space the place to use paying passengers as flight testers? We may soon find out, with a manned mission to the far side of the Moon to include two amateur space tourists.

The airline that could kill off Australia’s low-cost carriers

February 28, 2017 3

The airline Norwegian is shaking up the aviation industry, exploiting opportunities to do to established carriers what Qantas wanted to do years ago.

Essendon plane crash and the fatal consequences of profit before people

February 22, 2017 6

Should shopping centres be put so close to airport runways? Should anything?

Essendon plane crash the third fatal King Air B200 crash in Australia

February 21, 2017

Hard to hear the truth over the whine of Sydney airport’s owners

February 20, 2017 7

The owners of Sydney Airport are demanding government money for Badgerys Creek, and they are trying to hold Sydney for ransom.

Search for MH370 abandoned, but the mystery endures

January 18, 2017 2

If the authorities think the controversy over the loss of MH370 is over, they are seriously mistaken.