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Benjamin Clark — Freelance writer

Benjamin Clark

Freelance writer

Benjamin Clark is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and arts worker. His writing has appeared in Crikey and The Age, and focuses on Australian politics and culture.

COVID-19 won't help young people buy homes — unless we democratise the suburbs

Sadly, house prices and housing affordability are two very different things.

Collingwood Football Club President Eddie McGuire (Image: AAP/Michael Dodge)

Harsh actions drive culture change push at the elite end of arts and sport

The coronavirus crisis has revealed the folly of stacking the boards of cultural organisations with members of the corporate elite.

(Image: Getty)

Free advice from a young 'un: tax the rich when the COVID-19 'war' is over

We will need innovation, growth and spending power in our recovery period. It's not a time to be frugal.

(Image: Getty/wavebreakmedia)

Return of 'the mum and dad investors'

Australian journalists' favourite term is back. This is a zombie movie with no end in sight.

(Image: AAP/James Ross)

A message from a millennial: we can't let this recession doom a generation

Everyone is feeling the financial squeeze of the coronavirus crisis. But it's young people who stand to be among those hit the hardest.

Meet the women taking on Alan Jones... and winning

There’s been plenty written about the boycott campaign against Alan Jones, but we’ve heard little from the organisers behind it. Crikey spoke with the online activists.

Climate change protesters during the Global Strike 4 Climate rally in Brisbane, September 20, 2019. (Image: AAP/Darren England)

We can't tackle climate change without tackling striking laws

How much larger and more effective would climate protests be if Australian workers truly had the right to strike?

(Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

Australia's most liveable cities are only liveable for some

Australian cities' celebrated 'liveability' is being hoarded by a lucky few. Until we focus on growing urban disparity, this won't change for generations.

State of the union: what next for the ACTU?

In the face of eroded union powers, failed campaigns and blurred class lines, young workers are turning to new ways of organising in the fight for their rights.

Former MasterChef contestants (Image: Network Ten)

No wonder millennials distrust capitalism: it keeps failing them

How are millennials supposed to keep believing in hard work and 'food dreams' when those with real power keep cooking the books?