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Benjamin Clark — Freelance writer

Benjamin Clark

Freelance writer

Benjamin Clark is a writer and media worker based in Melbourne. His work has appeared in Crikey, The Age, Junkee and Kill Your Darlings.

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COVID's tail: the new normal may well involve long-term support for sufferers

Evidence is mounting that COVID-19 could leave long-lasting health effects on many sufferers. How will the government support these 'long-haulers' post-pandemic?

ADF personnel and Victorian police officers patrol the Tan walking track in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

Fine if you must, but let's base the amount on the offender's capacity to pay

A one-size-fits-all policy does not work in a pandemic.

Scott Morrison and the national cabinet (Image: AAP Image/SMH Pool, Alex Ellinghausen)

Ordinary Australians deserve a say in the big decisions to come

Our leaders have been somewhat effective at practically addressing the coronavirus pandemic so far. But the authoritative, top-down approach developed for our initial mobilisation is quickly losing its utility

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The 'roni and racism shed a whole new light on keeping workers safe at work

In a time of enormous social upheaval, what obligations do employers have to keep their workers safe?

Campus chaos: students come to terms with the semester from hell

If universities and government don't give students a voice on dealing with the pandemic's impact, not only will their education be compromised but their job prospects will be savagely diminished.

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Sure, let's all go on a winter holiday. Can we get more time and money to do it?

For Australians to travel more, we need two things that our economy increasingly denies us.

COVID-19 won't help young people buy homes — unless we democratise the suburbs

Sadly, house prices and housing affordability are two very different things.

Collingwood Football Club President Eddie McGuire (Image: AAP/Michael Dodge)

Harsh actions drive culture change push at the elite end of arts and sport

The coronavirus crisis has revealed the folly of stacking the boards of cultural organisations with members of the corporate elite.

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Free advice from a young 'un: tax the rich when the COVID-19 'war' is over

We will need innovation, growth and spending power in our recovery period. It's not a time to be frugal.

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Return of 'the mum and dad investors'

Australian journalists' favourite term is back. This is a zombie movie with no end in sight.