Benjamin Clark

Freelance writer

July, 2018

The perils of ‘aspiration’, Australia’s new favourite buzzword

, Jul 05, 2018

It's in the government's interest to push the narrative of an "aspirational class", but this wildly obscures what's really going on.

Conservatives no longer care about family values, and their housing policies prove it

, Jun 22, 2018

For all the right's railing about community values, they sure do make it hard to live in a community.

Want to confront the problems in hospitality? Let’s deconstruct cafe culture

, May 31, 2018

New union Hospo Voice and Victorian Labor are confronting wage theft in hospitality. But are consumers?

Start ’em young: why it’s time to revisit the fight over youth wages

, May 22, 2018

Why does a 20-year-old deserve less pay than a 21-year-old doing the same job? If the unions want more young people on board, this is the way to get them.

A UBI would help artists about as much as it would help precarious workers

, May 11, 2018

That champions of universal basic income think the lives of artists — or any workers — would flourish under UBI shows that they are out of touch with the wealth systems they are trying to disrupt.