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Ben Grubb — Prying Eyes journalist

Ben Grubb

Prying Eyes journalist

Ben Grubb is a freelance tech journalist.

Here's how Turnbull can fix My Health Record mess

There are eight things the Turnbull government could do right now to fix the My Health Record debacle.

Peak GP body's alleged support for My Health Record called into question

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has distanced itself from the government's My Health Record roll-out, as the agency responsible for the scheme deals with accusations of defamation.

'Consumers don’t feel that they have a choice’: Australians push back against data free-for-all

A new report suggests that the vast majority of Australians don't want to sign away their data, but feel helpless to protect it.

Australia's privacy watchdog is ‘woefully’ and ‘criminally’ underfunded

Privacy laws aren’t being enforced, and there’s a tiny budget to do the job.

How Facebook creates a dossier of your most private activities

Why on earth do they need so much information about you?

No matter where you go, you’re never alone

Your movements often reveal your buying habits. Which is why companies follow you around and use that information to try to sell you stuff.

'It made me feel sick': how Optus is monetising your web browsing history

If you think that Optus just provides telephony and internet services, think again. They’re also selling their customers.

They know where you live, work, play, shop, eat and a hell of a lot more

Location-based advertising companies lurk in the background, collecting data about us from wherever (and whomever) they can get it.

We read a bunch of popular companies’ privacy policies to find out how (and why) they monitor your data

What does that fine print really mean? We dig into the big companies' privacy policies to find out.

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