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Ben Eltham — Freelance arts journalist

Ben Eltham

Freelance arts journalist

Ben Eltham is an Australian freelance arts journalist, essayist, researcher, lecturer, creative producer and social commentator based in Melbourne. Previously he studied neuroscience, philosophy and cultural studies.

Communications and Arts Minister Paul Fletcher (Image: AAP/Alex Murray)

Is this curtains for the arts in the Australian government? Not quite.

The reshuffling of the bureaucratic deckchairs doesn’t really mean the end of the Arts ministry. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried.


Our new national arts policy still offers nothing for the little guys

There's a growing resentment in the arts sector, and Australia’s cultural ministers just ensured it will continue growing for at least the next decade.

(Image: Artem Cherednik/Getty)

Why are Australian writers going home empty-handed?

Another local literary prize has refused to award a winner. This can have a crushing effect on a tough winner-takes-all economy.

(Image: Getty)

How high can the body count go in Australian arts?

The arts sector is in the middle of a brutal tournament for small-to-medium funding. Under this government, there's no end in sight.

(Image: Unsplash/Rob Laughter)

Behind the demise of Playwriting Australia

Playwriting Australia is an organisation devoted to improving the nation’s scripts. But the drama lately has all been in the board room.

Chloe Shorten and Bill Shorten at the launch of Labor's national cultural policy (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Labor shoots for the glory days of arts policy

Art is ultimately about symbolism, and Labor delivered it in spades this weekend.

Guards hold Djukara (Tysan Towney) in the ABC's Cleverman.

How much should the ABC be investing in Australian arts and culture?

The ABC really is Australia’s most important cultural institution. But is it meeting its charter responsibilities to the arts?

Australian musician G Flip

Good times in the music industry can’t conceal an undercurrent of gender politics

Music industry types around the country are still recovering from last week's Big Sound conference. What did it reveal about the state of the industry?

How do you fix the arts sector? Tony Burke has some ideas

Labor’s Tony Burke has a surprisingly big vision for the arts, but can he back it up? Crikey sat down with him to find out.

How do you get Australians to stream Australian music?

Like the shift to streaming television, more and more Australians are listening to music through streaming services. But are they listening to Australian songs?

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