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Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie is an Australian comedian, poet, and writer. He studied history at the University of Western Sydney and is the author of several books including Australia: What Happened?

Queen Elizabeth II in 1970

Exclusive: Palace letters leaked to Crikey. Queen amused... we think

Crikey has gotten its hands on the secret letters between Queen Elizabeth II and former governor-general John Kerr in the days leading up to the Dismissal.

(Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

News Corp's secret roll play for a country crapping itself

No toilet paper? News Corp has you covered.

(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

'That’s not intersectional!' Inside the newsroom of the Green Left Weekly

Crikey takes a look inside the news room at the Green Left Weekly to see how they maintain the rage.

(Image: AAP/Steve Christo)

How miracles are made (or not) at Woman's Day

Crikey takes a look inside Woman's Day ahead of their latest explosive cover story about the Royal Family... sort of.

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All the pros and cons of climate change — now, you can decide!

Sometimes choosing is hard! But Crikey's definitive list can help you decide whether this whole climate change hoo-ha is, in fact, good or bad.

(Image: EPA/Neil Hall)

When Harry met Lilibet: inside the Sandringham royal crisis summit

What went down at the royal family's crisis summit? Did Prince Harry and Megan Markle manage to break free of the Queen's clutches? Does anybody know who Prince Edward is? Find out here.

Ned Kelly's capture in June 1880 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Why is Australia so obsessed with Ned Kelly?

When it comes to tales of daring heists and gun-toting highwaymen, Australian popular mythology has barely scratched the surface.

Nationals Leader Michael McCormack.

Exclusive: Michael McCormack's top ideas to fix the ABC

Luckily for Australia, prominent Nationals have risen to the task of fixing the ABC.

(Image: AAP/Darren England)

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Shorten only just heard of the union movement last week, in fact

Over a hot cup of marshmallows, the glistening Labor leader tells all about loving to pull miners out of mines and on the fair distribution of goes.