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Amber Schultz — Reporter

Amber Schultz


Amber previously worked for Nine News and The Age and created student comedy talk show The Struggle. She was a Young Walkley finalist, Jacoby-Walkley scholar, and won an Ossie Our Watch award. Amber holds a Masters in International Relations and Journalism and is fluent in Spanish.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Aboriginal-led initiatives spare communities from COVID-19 spread

Early fears of COVID-19 ravaging Indigenous communities have not eventuated, thanks to community-led responses.

Christmas Island detention centre (Image: AAP/ Lukas Coch)

A deadly new record, blame the youths and offshore detention to ramp up

Young people may be fuelling the second wave, the Philippines faring poorly, offshore detention set to restart as a COVID-19 contingency plan, plus more coronavirus updates.

(Image: Respect Inc)

No payment, no consent: sex worker advocacy groups say fraud and rape is on the rise

There are increasing reports of clients reversing their payments. But what exactly are sex workers supposed to do about it?

(Image: AAP/James Gourley)

Myths, facts and theories around Victoria's unknown COVID-19 sources

Many of Victoria's COVID-19 cases come from unknown sources. Crikey breaks down some of the likely suspects, and debunks a few myths along the way.

Image: AAP/David Crosling

Gene detectives search for COVID-19 gateway, with men looking like the weaker sex

Around the world, researchers are trying to unlock the secret of how and why COVID-19 is so deadly to some and not others — and theresults are already surprising.

Geoffrey Rush speaks to the media after Justice Wigney found in his favour (Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

Crikey Talks: Me Too, cancel culture and the chilling effect of the Rush case

Crikey invited journalists Jacqueline Maley, Gina Rushton and Inq's Georgia Wilkins to discuss whether Australia is likely to see more Me Too stories emerge.

(Image: AAP/James Ross)

Unnecessary risk and utter confusion at Victorian COVID-19 schools

Teachers, principals and parents are still waiting for instructions on what to do when their students have been exposed to COVID-19 — but officials are leaving them in the dark.

Scott Morrison at the 2019 Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The humanitarian hole: China steps up to fill Australia's foreign aid shortfall

Australia usually prides itself on its aid in the Pacific. But the pandemic has put everything on pause.

(Image: Adobe)

Massive COVID-19 numbers, premature births down and job security out the window

Virus numbers grow around the world, but premature births drop. Plus more of the latest COVID-19 updates.

A coronavirus testing facility in Depok, Indonesia (Image: EPA/Adi Weda)

The humanitarian hole: Australia’s foreign aid cuts see disease increase abroad 

Australia's aid budget has been declining for years. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has left our Pacific neighbours' health systems in danger of collapse, and the fallout could be massive.