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Angela Priestley


Angela Priestley —

Angela Priestley

Women's Agenda editor


Female cricketers catch a raise, but other athletes struggle

Female cricketers catch a raise, but other athletes struggle

Angela PriestleyMay 22, 2013

Australia's female cricket team has won a pay rise that means some players will be able to quit their day jobs. But other female athletes struggle to balance training with work.

Does getting married hurt a woman's career?

Angela PriestleyMay 14, 2013

Are women delaying marriage for financial or career reasons? Or does walking down the aisle make you less successful in the boardroom? They're two big questions facing women.

How I met the PM and became part of the 'strategy'

How I met the PM and became part of the 'strategy'

Angela PriestleyDec 11, 20128 Comments

The Prime Minister invited editors of female-skewing websites to Christmas drinks at Kirribilli House. Women's Agenda editor Angela Priestley was happy to be part of the communications strategy.

If <em>Forbes</em> can't find powerful women, who can?

If Forbes can't find powerful women, who can?

Angela PriestleyDec 6, 20122 Comments

Try to find women on Forbes' list of the world's most powerful people. It's depressing, but quotas aren't necessarily the answer.

Quota time? Women still missing out on board spots

Quota time? Women still missing out on board spots

Angela PriestleyNov 27, 20124 Comments

Less than 10% of executive positions for ASX 500 companies are held by women, fresh data shows. Is it time for quotas or changes to remuneration?

The 10 female 'super connectors' of the ASX

Angela PriestleySep 11, 2012

There are 10 leading female "super connectors" on the ASX, powerful centres of capacity for boardroom introductions and collaborations. We name them.

The case for more women in sport -- on and off the field

Angela PriestleyAug 17, 20123 Comments

Senator Kate Lundy says the real challenge for the Australian Sports Commission is not how much funding it's handing out, but how it can spend it effectively.

Rethinking Afghanistan: no place for politics in military prosecution

Angela PriestleyOct 13, 201029 Comments

Australia has an independent process for military justice and a need to comply with international obligations. To suggest that the government should step in, as Tony Abbott did yesterday, is foolish, writes Angela Priestley, editor of Lawyers Weekly.

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