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Amy Gray — Freelance writer

Amy Gray

Freelance writer

Author and journalist Naomi Wolf (Image: Flickr/Michael Fleshman)

Bungled books and matters of fact

In a week littered with literary inaccuracies, the question needs to be asked: why are so many authors getting away with sloppy research?

Batman garbage fire is the perfect representation of Australian politics

What we have, instead of a by-election, is a series of righteous indignations overlapping righteous indignation, where policy is not discussed as much as it is used as a cudgel to silence others.

What the American net neutrality decision means for Australia

Ajit Pai's destruction of net neutrality has ramifications beyond the American economy into the realm of human rights.

Why suits will carry on American complicity in Russian misinformation

As US lawmakers and tech companies shout about an Honest Ads Act to prevent election meddling, they ignore how much Russia relies on traditional US press to spread disinformation all on their own.

What I learnt from Gillian Triggs' metadata

Think that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear? Maybe you should just hand over your email password, writes Amy Gray.

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