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Alister McKeich — Freelance writer and academic

Alister McKeich

Freelance writer and academic

Don Dale youth detention facility (IMAGE credit: AAP/NEDA VANOVAC)

Six months after the Don Dale royal commission, what's next for juvenile justice?

Governments are still searching for the will to act on recommendations from last year's royal commission into youth justice, but change will come slowly, if at all. Can the Northern Territory become the standard bearer for justice reform?

Will Turnbull confront Aung San Suu Kyi when she arrives for ASEAN?

Aung San Suu Kyi's upcoming visit to the ASEAN conference in Sydney this weekend raises important questions about Australia's relationship with Myanmar. Crikey investigates why.

A deeper look at Vic crime and justice statistics shows two groups left behind

The laughable assertion that Victorians were "too scared" to go to restaurants due to apparent out-of-control youth gangs hides a deeper ignorance in the debate around justice, incarceration and mental health.

'I still feel the same as I always have': Indigenous experiences since 'Sorry'

As is often the case with symbolic gestures of government, the political capital gained far exceeds the investment made in changing the day-to-day reality of victims' lives.

Will the child sexual abuse redress scheme cause more trauma than it compensates?

The Commonwealth redress scheme for institutional child sexual abuse has attracted criticism on several fronts. Crikey looks at how the scheme compensates survivors, and where it falls flat.

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