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akohler Kohler

Business Spectator editor-in-chief


Kohler: throw the Gaming Act at derivatives bookies

Alan KohlerSep 26, 201214 Comments

Most of the time derivatives aren't financial hedges at all, but bets brokered by liars masquerading as advisers. Law makers should follow the Lehman judgement and label them accordingly.

Fiscal incompetence? No, just not very good

Alan KohlerSep 25, 201212 Comments

Treasurer Wayne Swan delivered Australia's 2012-11 financial year performance yesterday -- with a bucket-load of spin. If only business CFOs could get away with it ...

The RBA must act on the dollar

The RBA must act on the dollar

Alan KohlerSep 24, 20123 Comments

The Reserve Bank has no choice but to join the currency debasement contest that’s now going on around the world, and to cut rates by another 1% in the coming 12 months.

Kohler: the world has gone short

Kohler: the world has gone short

Alan KohlerSep 19, 20125 Comments

Ailing economies can stimulate and deregulate all they like, but unless they can attract capital investment it will be in vain. And capital won't take long-term bets while deflation looms so large.

Kohler: miners dig their own profit pit

Kohler: miners dig their own profit pit

Alan KohlerSep 17, 20121 Comment

Mining costs are blowing out and market share being lost because of a labour shortage that is only going to get worse. What are the companies doing?

The coal industry's new enemy: Campbell Newman

The coal industry's new enemy: Campbell Newman

Alan KohlerSep 12, 201221 Comments

Queensland's coal royalties decision is just one face of the sovereign risk confronting miners as governments struggle with budget logic. In the end, no one wins.

Kohler: suffering China's structural slowdown

Kohler: suffering China's structural slowdown

Alan KohlerSep 3, 20124 Comments

The rapid fall in the iron ore price in the past few weeks has exposed the core risk to the Australian economy: the currency needs to fall, but the banks still need foreign funding.

An IR cartoon, but Abbott's not laughing

Alan KohlerAug 28, 201237 Comments

Tony Abbott likely advocates individual workplace contracts with a no disadvantage test. But the Coalition has turned national debate into such a caricature it's impossible for anyone to state their true position.

Can Labor win? Yes it can

Alan KohlerAug 14, 2012131 Comments

As Labor begins the process of defusing carbon tax and asylum seeker policy as election issues, Tony Abbott's task will become increasingly painful. Does Labor improve from here?

Why you should stop moaning about electricity prices

Alan KohlerAug 8, 201227 Comments

Amongst the energetic debate about rising power prices a key point is being missed – they're saving us from deflation.