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Alan Austin — Freelance journalist

Alan Austin

Freelance journalist

Freelance journalist with interests in news media, religious affairs and economic and social issues

Australia’s wealth has shifted towards the rich. Again.

A new global wealth report has confirmed that Australian money is once again going to the wealthy, as our world ranking and GDP per adult continue to tumble.

Is the Coalition's gender inequality due to religion?

So far under Scott Morrison, the Coalition's image as a no-girls-allowed, boys-rule cubby house has not improved. Could the new prime minister's religion have anything to do with this?

Image credit: Jimi Filipovski/Unsplash

Who is Australia’s worst post-war treasurer?

Hint: he could be our next prime minister.

Aussie retail sales growth hits an all-time low

This disastrous annual result is a blow to the retailers’ peak bodies, the mainstream media and the Turnbull government.

Why are Aussie retailers missing out on the global boom?

It's not looking good for the Australian retail sector as numbers slip back towards GFC levels of growth.

How the global media covered Archbishop Philip Wilson's conviction

Media outlets from across the world covered Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson's landmark conviction for concealing child sexual abuse.

Aussie household incomes take another hit despite the boom

The pattern of Australia's household income asks an interesting question: is it worse to have a financial crisis or a Coalition government?

Correcting Scott Morrison’s falsehoods on the Australian economy

The Treasurer's press releases are packed with incorrect assertions about Australia's economic dominance, falsehoods about tax relief and deflections from the government's financial incompetence -- and that's just in the last month.

Australia's economic 'surge' isn't as great as the media claim

Last week, Treasurer Scott Morrison preached, with the fervour of a televangelist, Australia's modest 3.1% economic growth. And the mainstream media lapped it up.

Psst Scott, here's some some budget briefing notes if you need them

Could this be Scott Morrison's last chance to get the budget right? Here are some pointers on how he can achieve a strong surplus and begin rebuilding the nation’s crumbling wealth.