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Alana Schetzer — Freelance journalist

Alana Schetzer

Freelance journalist

Alana Schetzer is a journalist and editor. She writes on social justice, gender equality and politics, has taught media, writing and communications at the University of Melbourne and is a co-founder of Women in Media.

(Image: Tanya St/Getty)

The glaring flaws of gig economy ratings

In a manipulated market of 'good behaviour', what does a five-star rating really mean?

The Heart Foundation's (accidental) public health win

Controversy is a tried and true way to run an ad campaign landing a public health message in the mainstream.

Are sponsored ‘influencer’ ads the new cash-for-comment?

The rise of Instagram "influencers" poses new problems for advertising regulators.

Melissa Parke, the Labor candidate who just dropped out of the race for Curtin (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

How many candidates will we lose between now and election day?

With the political body count already rising, surely it's time for change to our parties' broken vetting processes.

(Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

Why the Australian Grand Prix just isn't a winner

The event is hotly debated every year, and every year the government of the day defends it. What do the numbers tell us?

(Image: AAP: Julian Smith)

How the early voting boom is dramatically changing Australian elections

With huge numbers of people opting for pre-poll votes, election campaigns are growing bigger, messier, and more expensive. Is it worth the trade-off?

Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy (Image: AAP/James Ross/Crikey)

Matthew Guy is listening to the needs of all Victorians (he hasn't already blocked)

The Victorian Liberal leader has a bad reputation of blocking people on social media. It may be satisfying at the time, but it raises some important broader questions.

Clive Palmer (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Clive Palmer: comeback king or stunt man?

Palmer's new Trump-like campaign appears to capitalise on political disenfranchisement. Will it succeed?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Are voters likely to back micro-parties at the Victorian election?

There are many reasons voters have backed micro-party candidates at the federal level. But will these hold up at the state level?