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JWT snapped up as Singo drops his own name

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

When Aussie John Singleton calls his shareholders together Crikey is always there because it's the only meeting of the year held in a bar and someone has throw a few curly questions at this uncouth six times married larrikin.

Jeffrey takes aim at Price's abandoned audience

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

3AK and Jeffrey Kennett have been very smart to immediately target 3AW's vulnerable Drive audience now that Steve Price has taken off to Sydney. Tune in to 3AK from 4pm to check it out by clicking here.

Provide three new bad auditors and win a free sub

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

With the audit profession under pressure worldwide, it is time to come up with a list of the firms and specific partners responsible for signing some of the most inaccurate accounts ever filed.

Lovebirds on opposite sides of the Telstra privatisation argument

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Smithy will probably never speak to Crikey again for running this combined piece by Frank Flak and Wendy Wedge about his relationship with Natasha but the issues are legitimate and should be debated in the media.

High drama, low farce

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

In a repeat of what happened in Victoria, but with a far greater element of farce and drama, Labor has seized power in South Australia after a dramatic day of horse-trading with former Liberal Peter Lewis. Crikey's Adelaide correspondent Charles Kingston Cameron explain exactly what has happened and why.

Canberra Insider on the lamentable Ian Law

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

There are more concerns being raised about the suitability of Ian Law to be the chief executive of West Australian Newspapers, as this anonymous contribution from a Canberra Times employee would attest. And check out some of the excellent new letters at the bottom.

AICD boss reckons boards are getting done over

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Wendy Wedge reckons corporate boards are even more thin-skinned than political players and they've also performed badly.

George W in the Garden of Gethsemane

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Crikey doesn't always agree with lefty American humorist Mike Moore but Enron really is indefensible and he spells out the arguments and the facts very well.

Downsides to the great Victorian power sell-off

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Is Victoria heading for a California-style electricity crisis. Wendy Wedge explores the possibilities as supply gets increasingly tight and investors increasingly pissed off.

Parrot tape, 2UE legal thugs, Laws attacks, detention camps, Pat Rafter, Aussie Day gongs, Damir Dokic, bunker sale and Eddie McGuire (Jan 29)

CrikeyJan 22, 2002

Holes in the Rafter attack Dear Crikey, Briefly, your story on Pat Rafter has a few holes in it. While acknowledging the tabloid edict to "nev

https://www.crikey.com.au/2002/01/22/parrot-tape-2ue-legal-thugs-laws-attacks-detention-camps-pat-rafter-aussie-day-gongs-damir-dokic-bunker-sale-and-eddie-mcguire-jan-29/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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