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Love him or hate him, Pricey sure does entertain

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Crikey is getting sued by Steve Price for defamation and contempt but in a strange way we'll miss the bloke in Melbourne as he really was a great entertainer and we wish him all the best taking on The Parrot in Sydney. Here are some grabs from his hilarious final show and we recommend the "highlights package" and "Ad Throwback E".

Labor still a chance to take the final state

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Crikey's Adelaide Hills-based correspondent Charles Kingston Cameron has provided this excellent prediction on how the seats will fall at the South Australian election on Saturday.

$1.17bn buy adds $1bn of value as taxpayers lose again

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

The market always knows best and they are telling the world that Lang Corp and Toll Holdings have got the key Australian rail assets on the cheap as 3 sets of governments mishandled another sale.

If only our business leaders were straight shooters like Tugger Waugh

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

The nation's sports lovers are in shock and Crikey's very own Neal Woolrich was at the dramatic Steve Waugh sacking press conference yesterday.

Win a free sub by adding to this fascinating new global brands list

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Crikey is keen to establish which non-American countries own which globally recognised brands in this globalised world and will give a free sub to anyone who can come with 5 brands that should be added to this list. We're also building a list of global brands not owned by their country of origin.

How the web became a tool for popular progaganda after S11

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

We'll get in trouble for some of the images in this piece by Geneva-based freelancer Dominic Pettman but it is such a worthwhile discussion about internet propaganda that we'll cop the flak. And the disclaimer is at the beginning.

The saga of Jack Quigley's arrest

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Our Labor insider has all the inside gos on the political storm which has broken out in WA about the son of Labor MP John Quigley being arrested. And check out Quigley's amazing letter at the bottom.

Evan Thornley writes to Crikey, global grands, political donations, Natasha, shock jocks, Ansett unions (Feb 11)

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Time to get angry about the Queen's visit Stephen and the Crikey readership, In less than a month our fair land will be soiled by the arrival of

Isn't the internet a wonderful source of laughter

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

Who should be more offended, the various chimps implicated or George Dubya? Since publishing this we've been alerted to the site they came from and naturally are happy to credit http://www.bushorchimp.com/

An absolute scandal every way you look at it

CrikeyFeb 3, 2002

You won't read a better wrap of the spin and political implications of the "children in the water" video scandal which is seriously breaking out against the Howard government.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2002/02/03/an-absolute-scandal-every-way-you-look-at-it/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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