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Does business like Bracks for his budgets or his babes?

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

Before anyone gets outraged, I don't know the bloke who sent this in but he's right across all the staffers and this is a good laugh. Just to prove how out of touch Crikey is, I can only put faces to about 5 of the names so would be interested in any feedback because some of it might be over-generous for all we know.

There once was a man named.....

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

Crikey is prepared to give a free subscription to the person who comes up with the best political limerick. Here are sample of some of the good and very bad limericks that have been sent with the worst ones towards the bottom. Please send your offerings to crikey@crikey.com.au and don't take offence at some of the childish sledging.

Big surprises in Telstra poll missed by media

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

As usual, the media failed to look at the election results coming out of the Telstra AGM.

Alice to Darwin railway the only blue sky for OneSteel

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

BHP's problem child is not a pretty picture now that it has been spat out into the world with a load of debt and a chairman who is very busy running another company.

Can Costello bring any salvation?

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

Hillary has snapped out of her deep funk and our greatest asset is back filing for Crikey, thanks god.

Crikey's register of famous Australian defamation battles

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

We've updated the Crikey register of defamation battles and would love you to send in any additions, amplifications or clarifications to yoursay@crikey.com.au as we fight our first battle with 3AW's Steve Price in court next March. Five new additions or corrections will win a free sub.

More mining giants fall to foreign raiders

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

The dollar is going to keep falling if Australia is eventually completely foreign owned. The mooted bids for Normandy Mining and WMC and the recent sale of Pacific Dunlop's brands business are a further tragedy for the Australian corporate sector.

Australian media an unaccountable, backward-looking institution

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

Crikey is no great fan of Paul Keating's ethics, media-bashing and closeness to Rupert Murdoch, but in researching this week's Free Speech Victoria annual dinner, I came across this fabulous speech by Keating to the Sydney Institute last year.

Glenn Burge: the latest editor never to have worked overseas

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

The Fin Review has appointed Glenn Burge as its new editor despite the fact he's never worked overseas or even in Canberra. But our list tracking the overseas experience of Aussie editors shows that Burge is not the first. Afterall, former Sunday Telegraph editor Rocky Miller indulgently quoted John Howard and Bob Carr saying he was an absolute legend and Rocky was never a foreign correspondent.

Net banking, election, Andrew Bolt, Singapore and foreign ownership (Nov 22)

CrikeyNov 18, 2001

Outrageous anthem tactics by Soccer Australia Dear Crikey I was at Olympic Park, Melbourne on that infamous day when Deutschland Uber Alles was

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