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Adam Schwab

Business director and commentator

April, 2009

Teflon Rod could be cast asunder at Rio

, Apr 16, 2009

Rio Tinto shareholders should send a message next week to Rod Eddington that repeated failures to act in their interests will not be tolerated.

Meet BrisConnections’ unlikely new player — a charitable trust

, Apr 16, 2009

It has emerged that the Julie Anne Barrow Charitable Trust has amassed a sizable stake in BrisConnections, believed to be almost 5% of the units.

Bolton’s greenmail could turn brown

, Apr 15, 2009

Yesterday's farcical shenanigans at the BrisConnections unit-holders meeting could be the beginning of the end for renegade shareholder Nick Bolton.

Brisconnections and Macbank is no David and Goliath

, Apr 14, 2009

The plot of the BrisConnections fiasco resembles that of a poorly written stage-play. A prose full of twists and turns, with no heroes, but plenty of villains.

David Leckie’s lucky Seven sell-off

, Apr 08, 2009

The David Leckie share sell-off is a neat example of why equity incentive plans can fail to align with shareholder and executive interests, writes Adam Schwab.

Investment banker: this industry is sick

, Apr 07, 2009

An investment banking insider has dumped all over his profession, despite sucking millions out of the industry himself.