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Adam Schwab

Business director and commentator

April, 2009

First home owner grant: just making vendors richer

, Apr 27, 2009

The first home owners grant, especially in its boosted form, is not a policy which benefit first home buyers, but one which will lock them into a lifetime of possibly unserviceable debt.

James Hardie is just the tip of the iceberg

, Apr 24, 2009

Amid the James Hardie "fully funded" furphy, it's becoming increasingly difficult to trust what companies say at all.

‘Dame’ Margaret Jackson’s beautiful career

, Apr 23, 2009

There's nothing much to celebrate in Margaret Jackson's string of questionable directorships.

Richard Pratt: rich man, beggar man, thief

, Apr 22, 2009

With Richard Pratt sadly close to succumbing to cancer, his legacy in business and philanthropic circles remains unwritten. Adam Schwab has a shot at finishing the job.

BrisConn’s Rowe up a creek without a paddle

, Apr 21, 2009

Trevor Rowe's claims over his role in the BrisConnections saga are crumbling.

AFL’s Gold Coast plans will hurt Melbourne and the AFL

, Apr 21, 2009

The AFL Commission shoudl cancel, or at least postpone, the creation of a Gold Coast club until a new Melbourne stadium is constructed.

Norris’s pay cut just a shrewd sales pitch

, Apr 20, 2009

Commonwealth Bank CEO Ralph Norris is taking a 10% pay cut, but he'll still be earning substantially more than his predecessor.

Nothing normal in the BrisConnections fiasco

, Apr 20, 2009

The victims of the Nicholas Bolton-Leighton-BrisConnections secret deal have certainly not laid down, with continued legal action against BrisConnections and Macquarie Bank likely.

BrisConnections saga: where is ASIC?

, Apr 17, 2009

One missing elephant in the BrisConnections room has been Australia's corporate watch-dog, ASIC.

Bear market trap will snare investors

, Apr 17, 2009

Much of the good news which has spurred the latest market rally is not really good news at all.