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Adam Schwab —

Adam Schwab

Business director and commentator


The hubristic tragedy of Slater & Gordon

March 6, 2017

The disaster at Slater & Gordon would have been exactly the kind of collapse that would have led to a class action led by Slater & Gordon itself.

Good riddance to Ahmed Fahour

February 24, 2017 12

Though Fahour certainly went down boasting.

How to solve housing affordability literally overnight

February 20, 2017 16

Now everyone (other than perhaps wealthy land barons) hopefully agree expensive housing is a problem that needs fixing, but what’s the best way to do it?

Eight ridiculous excuses for paying Ahmed Fahour an obscene amount of money

February 14, 2017 6

We now know Ahmed Fahour was paid $5.6 million last year. How can Australia Post possibly justify such a ridiculous salary?

The 2016 Crikeys: the best and worst of business

December 20, 2016 5

Another year, another bunch of businesses and businesspeople to live in infamy.

AusPost fails to deliver the goods on CEO pay packet

December 19, 2016 7

Despite having one of the highest-paid executives in the country, AusPost is even refusing to tell taxpayers exactly how much they are paying him.

Incompetent and overpaid CEOs hate proxy advisers, which is why you should love them

December 12, 2016 3

The more unhappy CEOs are about proxy advisers, the better job they are doing.

The Fin ties itself in knots to justify exorbitant CEO pay

October 17, 2016 1

Shareholders of CSL, rightly, told the board to go jump when the board proposed an enormous payrise for the CEO and directors. But don't expect to read that in the Financial Review.

Failed experiment GWS Giants the elephant in the change room

September 26, 2016 19

The AFL has thrown its (financial) weight behind the Giants. But what has it got to show for it?

The complicated corporate history of David Gonski

August 10, 2016 2

There is no doubt that David Gonski is a luminary in the not-for-profit sector. But is his corporate record as good?