About Crikey

Crikey is Australian for independent journalism.

There are two arms to Crikey: our website and Crikey Insider, a daily subscription email service.

The website: The home of Crikey‘s original content along with links to stories from all corners of the web. Crikey editors are across thousands of online sources, from the most earnest to the most eclectic. If it’s interesting and newsworthy, chances are it’ll be on crikey.com.au.

Crikey Insider: Around lunchtime every weekday, Crikey Insider hits the inboxes of thousands of subscribers. This email edition of 25 or more original stories is crammed with news, analysis, insider gossip, reviews and prescient tips about politics, media, business, the law, culture and national and international affairs. All Crikey Insider articles are also posted on this website, but most of them are locked – you’ll need to register for a free trial or sign up for a subscription if you want to read them.

The Crikey mission

Crikey‘s aim is very simple: to bring its readers the inside word on what’s really going on in politics, government, media, business, the arts, sport and other aspects of public life in Australia. Crikey reveals how the powerful operate behind the scenes, and it tackles the stories insiders are talking about but other media can’t or won’t cover.

Crikey sees its role as part of the so-called fourth estate that acts as a vital check and balance on the activities of government, the political system and the judiciary. In addition, Crikey believes the performance and activities of business, the media, PR and other important sectors are worthy of public scrutiny.

Crikey is a showcase for information that might otherwise remain suppressed. It’s a place where people can go — anonymously or not — with information they believe is in the public interest. If Crikey publishes such information, its status is identified. Crikey aims for full transparency in what it publishes, but we recognise that unconfirmed reports can often be the starting point for the disclosure of important information. Where published material cannot be 100% confirmed, Crikey aims to ensure its readers know it is unconfirmed or uncorroborated.

Crikey aims to be fair and open in its journalism. It does not seek to be malicious, prurient or invade an individual’s privacy unless the information is relevant to an individual’s public or corporate duties.

In order to achieve its editorial aspirations, Crikey must also operate as a business. Its primary sources of revenue are subscriptions and advertising. Crikey aims to be open and honest in all its commercial activities, and reserves the right to reject any advertising it regards as unethical or in any other way unsuitable.

Most importantly, Crikey is independent and is not part of a media empire.

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