About Crikey

Now with Inq, we’re digging even deeper into the stories behind the stories.

Crikey has been Australia’s best, independent digital news and commentary publication for more than twenty years. And now, we’ve just launched our new Inquiry Journalism offering Inq in our most significant reinvention yet.

Inq will add a stream of Inquiry Journalism to Crikey’s regular blend of opinion and analysis. Journalism that questions assumptions, challenges power structures and investigates the ‘why’ and ‘how’, not just the ‘what’ of significant stories. biggest putting together a new team of around a dozen ‘inquiry journalists’ who will dig, probe, uncover, explain, expose, deconstruct, connect the dots, lift the veils and help our readers better understand the backstories of the issues that matter. Existing and new Crikey members will have access to the new content.

So, what does being a Crikey member entail? To put it simply, you will always be kept in the know. Crikey members receive a daily package of original stories crammed with news, analysis, insider gossip, reviews and prescient tips about politics, media, business, the law, culture and national and international affairs. All Crikey content appears on our website, but most of it is locked if you do not have an account —  so you’ll need to register for a free trial or sign up for a subscription if you want to read them.

In all the work that we do, we aim to be fair and open in our journalism. We do not seek to be malicious, prurient or invade an individual’s privacy unless the information is relevant to an individual’s public or corporate duties. Crikey members pay for our journalism because it takes them beyond the mainstream media, beyond the clickbait and beyond the predictability of much modern journalism. Their support allows us to maintain our fierce independence. 

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