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Then prime minister Julia Gillard talks to Australian soldiers in Afghanistan in 2011 (Image: AAP/Department of Defence)

Good riddance to a bad war: Afghanistan forever war inflicted a colossal and ongoing cost on the West

This war has been a monstrous failure, in which a vast amount of money has been spent and blood shed to make us less safe.

(Image: AP/Andrew Harnik)

How will US troops withdrawal affect the peace process in Afghanistan?

With troops set to depart on September 11, the next five months are critical for any chance of peace.

When the facts don’t matter: everyone will suffer reputational damage in the Holgate affair

For an issue which began over a relatively trivial matter, the list of candidates for reputational damage is long and shameful.

What’s changed since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody?

In the 30 years since the royal commission, 474 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in police custody.

Optical delusions: Morrison’s popularity among women hits new low

This might not have been the best time for a Handmaid's Tale photo op. Then again, his popularity with men is increasing...

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Inoculate yourself against the spin
(Image: Private Media)

There’s more work to do, so it’s important to keep the momentum up

Readers on what needs to be done to fix sexism in Australia, and frustration with what looks to be a continued uphill battle.

(Image: Private Media)

How can we keep the Me Too movement in motion?

We can disrupt Australia's culture of sexual violence as long as we keep rallying, keep fighting and stay informed.

(Image: Private Media)

In the fight against sexual violence, what can Australians demand?

The fight against sexual violence in Australia seems at times insurmountable. But there are ways forward, and Australia must take them.

Our Columnists
(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Ben, do the decent and brave thing: step down

True or false, the accusations are calamitous. If this were a politician or CEO, they'd already have stepped down.

Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch (Image: EPA/Andrew Gombert)

Dear Senate media diversity inquiry: here’s how the Murdochs control the news — and the news makers

With the Murdoch family's wealth doubling in the last five years, their influence on media diversity — or lack thereof — has only grown.

Christian Porter and Kate, the alleged victim, at a formal debate team dinner, Sydney University, January 1988 (Image: provided)

New details about Kate’s fate bring more questions and concerns to the surface

NSW Police's lethargic handling of Kate's accusations showed something all too common in sexual assault investigations.

(Image: Adobe)

Victoria’s great JobKeeper gap spells trouble for a city wedded to government support

There’s still a big gap left by JobKeeper in Victoria, after repeated lockdowns left Melbourne businesses economically vulnerable.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Disability vaccination stumbles point to a coming political storm for the government

Residential disability services is a priority area for vaccination rollout, but so far appears to have missed out.

 (Image: AAP/POOL/David Caird)

Abandoned rollout schedule leaves nothing but Morrison’s spin for pandemic economy

The government can't spin its way out of our appalling vaccination rollout — although that won't stop it trying.

(Image: Adobe)

Welcome to ‘long COVID world’, a place science is only just beginning to understand

New evidence suggests the pandemic's fatality rate is only one serious impact of the pandemic on Aussies' health — long COVID is another.

(Image: Adobe)

What did the COVID recession leave behind for future generations? Not much

Australia responded to the GFC with huge investments in infrastructure. After this financial crisis, we'll have nothing but debt and deficit.

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison (Image: AAP)

Australia is in a diplomatic cul-de-sac with China. The way out is a new kind of diplomacy

Leaders once understood that foreign affairs must be at the forefront of Australian policy. We need to return to those times if we hope to sooth relations with China.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Dan Tehan v the world: is this what it looks like to go to war?

The trade minister is off to Europe to beg for more vaccine doses. Is he up to the challenge of 'vaccine diplomacy'?

(Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Borders closed indefinitely? Government in headlong retreat from vaccination targets

A month ago vaccination was to pave the way for international travel. Now it won't. What's changed? The government is terrified of setting any targets.

AusPostScare and NDIScare — harbingers of an election campaign to come?

Labor is slowly assembling a narrative around privatisation and the slashing of services that could prove troublesome for the government at the next election.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

How good is Scott Morrison? Only as good as the men around him, apparently

Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington's new book reveals the Morrison government's problem with women, even before the current fallout.

ABC Chair Ita Buttrose and Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Coalition’s hit on the ABC: $1b and counting, while Murdoch dominates

A new report spells out the impact of the Coalition's continued attacks on the ABC.