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Morrison doubles down on gatherings

Scott Morrison has limited indoor and outdoor gatherings to just two people, and the government is reportedly finalising a JobKeeper allowance of $1,500 a fortnight per full-time employee.

It’s time to demand more of the people we elect to lead us

Part of the reason so many Australians have failed to heed government warnings about the coronavirus is that our faith in politicians has been so badly broken. We desperately need that to change.

3 million out of work: record US unemployment every bit as bad as feared

Unemployment has surged to 3 million in a week as the coronavirus crisis hits the US services sector.

What’s the state of Australia’s virus testing, and how do we compare with other nations? 

New coronavirus tests are coming to Australia, but will they be enough to keep our curve down?

Life is crap. But there are still some reasons to be cheerful…

There's a lot to be gloomy about at the moment. But there are still SOME positives in the coronavirus crisis.

Ruby Princess debacle: what happens to foreign workers still on board the ship?

Ruby Princess passengers have disembarked, but thousands of cruise ship workers are still aboard, not knowing when they'll return home.

No, the dolphins haven’t returned to Venice (and other news you may have missed)

Britney Spears calls for revolution, Tinder saves the world and no, Venice isn't technically any cleaner. In a jam-packed week, here are the stories you missed

Can we blame rich people for the coronavirus?

In Australia's biggest cities, the richest suburbs have the most cases of COVID-19. But is it fair to blame the wealthy for the disease's spread?

Virus Watch: G20 leaders unify, Clive Palmer follows Trump

World leaders commit $8.2 trillion to fight coronavirus effects, while here in Australia fines have been issued for breaking public health orders.

Business Briefs: the pandemic’s worst advice

Amid shuttering restaurants and collapsing business empires, there's certainly some bad advice going around alongside COVID-19 panic.

Corona curated: the best commentary from around the world

From the US' testing fiasco to the privilege of social distancing, Crikey brings together the best writing about the coronavirus crisis.

The Wuhan connection: how two determined women hurdled Chinese red tape

Charity distribution networks in China are rife with mismanagement. But with the coronavirus outbreak threatening lives, two women in Australia managed to cut through the red tape.

Do I need to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs?

There's a lot of confusion going around about treatment of symptoms. Here's what you need to know.

Correction: Treasury Wines

An article published in Crikey on March 4 contained a number of errors about Treasury Wines.

Ruby Princess debacle: just why were infected passengers allowed home?

A harrowing story points to a potential spread of COVID-19 from the Ruby Princess cruise ship far beyond Australia's shores, with passengers heading on to a dozen different countries.

The pursuit of influence: how the Pharmacy Guild works Canberra

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia knows what it wants, and it knows how to get it.

Behind the counter: Who does the Pharmacy Guild of Australia really work for?

Critics say the guild is there for business owners and not pharmacists, while it's becoming clear that what is good for the guild is also good for several large corporate players.

The ties that bind: just how much does the deputy PM know about a $2.4m grant?

An Inq investigation into political lobbying by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has revealed a close relationship between Deputy Prime Minister McCormack and the guild.

Hard pill to swallow: questions persist on $20 million pain grant

Last week, Inq investigated the influence of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Today, we look at one example of what it gets for its efforts.

Can universities help fix the school closure chaos?

The coronavirus is creating unprecedented levels of stress for Year 12 students. But there's a solution... if Australia is bold enough to try it.

‘Doctor’ Trump is a fake and needs to be struck off before he kills again

Bad advice about COVID-19 can be fatal. Especially when it comes from the US president.

As the Ruby Princess debacle deepens, where is Ann Sherry when you need her?

The (apparently former) chairman of the company that owns the Ruby Princess cruise ship has been conspicuously silent in recent weeks.

US jobless rate set to soar as ratings agency urges governments to spend, spend, spend

US economists fear unemployment could spike to 30% in coming months. The first indicator will emerge early tomorrow morning.

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Politicians can’t have compliance and trust without accountability

If politicians want us to comply with their extraordinary lockdown demands, they have to provide real accountability when their bungles put lives at risk.

Inside Scott Morrison’s very corporate COVID-19 commission

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's new COVID-19 commission is a who's who of Australian business leaders and bureaucrats.


They really said that?

Sorry, Australia, but an executive running a country with no other branches of government checking his/her power, is by definition called a dictator.


The controversial author and former political advisor asks a few Twitter questions about Morrison’s (constitutionally informal) national cabinet meetings that, as nature dictates, are put to rest by Antony Green.


Side View: Cure luck

This week: an entirely virus-free edition! (Just kidding); who's exploiting the crisis; what to watch while stuck at home; why the crisis will help Amazon take over the world; and where you can be in a Zoom meeting.


Modelling shows we need a total lockdown now — but it only needs to last a month 

New modelling shows that if Australia has any chance of beating the exponential spread of COVID-19 we'll need strong measures, now.

Inside Scott Morrison’s very corporate COVID-19 commission

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's new COVID-19 commission is a who's who of Australian business leaders and bureaucrats.

Who can sack the prime minister if parliament isn’t sitting?

Scott Morrison is incompetent. So what can be done about it?

Virus Watch: right royal edition

India has gone into lockdown, and Prince Charles has come down with the coronavirus. Here's the latest COVID-19 news.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

ACCC clears Pacific Mags sale, offering template for more media mergers

The ACCC has approved the sale of Seven's Pacific Magazines to its rival Bauer, citing declines in circulation and revenue.

The virus underscores the need for news — as it kills off print media

As papers close and ad revenue plummets, it's becoming clear that the next victim of coronavirus will be print media.

Leigh Sales and Miranda Devine form a unity ticket to scold the nation

These are strange times indeed. Let's check in with how Australia's media figures are coping with the latest virus news.

If the media survives COVID-19, it’s going to look very different

Broadcast media companies were already struggling ahead of the coronavirus crisis. Now they face some tough decisions as ad revenues disappear.

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