Feb 27, 2014

A ‘faithful and wise’ 2IC: George Pell now rules the Catholic world

Australian Cardinal George Pell is among the three most powerful people in the Catholic world. Could Pope be next? Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson examines the new power structures in Rome.

The oldest multinational in the world, and in many ways the biggest, is the Vatican.

Google is the most valuable multinational in the world today and can trace its history back to 1998. Australia’s BHP was originally founded over a hundred years ago. But the oldest multinational in the world, and in many ways the biggest, is the Vatican: 2000 years of history back to the Roman Empire. And it’s still front-page news — in every subject from economics and education to healthcare and geopolitics, the Vatican is engaged.

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15 thoughts on “A ‘faithful and wise’ 2IC: George Pell now rules the Catholic world

  1. Steve777

    Interesting and informative article. Just one minor point – about 5 million Australians are Catholic, while there are about a billion Catholics worldwide, so Australia has about 0.5% of the world’s Catholics.

  2. mikeb

    The Catholic Church, like any behemoth, changes course slowly. Pope Francis seems to be pulling in the right direction but it remains to be seen how quickly change can happen. Here’s wishing Pell good luck because I think he needs it. Fiction writers will be inventing conspiracy theories about the new position as I type.

  3. angela pollard

    Well if Pell is papabile, then St Malachy’s prophesies must be true. The next pope will be the antichrist!

  4. zut alors

    I’m delighted Pell will be out of our sight in the luxurious confines of The Vatican. Better over there than here.


    Dr Steve Pieczenik a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under four US presidents claims that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a co-conspirator in Argentine Dirty Wars. Horatio Verbitsky has long maintained that Bergoglio likely endorsed the capture and torture of at least two members of his own order.

    The Argentine Church even provided the military with chaplains whose job it was to counsel the personnel who threw thousands of drugged subversives to their deaths over the ocean from aircraft.

    A charmer like this is probably hoping that Pell will be able to ring fence the corrupt IOR – the Institute for Works of Religion commonly known as the Vatican Bank with his own banker’s version of the Ellis Defence.

    Big George is going to find it a challenge. In 2012 the dubious banking giant JP Morgan Chase closed account no 1365 with the IOR over worries about unexplained money transfers. Even the crooks want to be at arms length from this crowd.

    The appointment raises the spectre of Archbishop Paul Markincus returning to his old haunt.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Do we have an extradition treaty with the Vatican?

  7. Matt Hardin

    He’ll still be available to the Royal Commission, right? And to the courts if required?

  8. PaulM

    There’s an old Vatican saying. He who enters the conclave as Pope leaves as a Cardinal. That just about explains George Pell’s chances of being the next pope.

  9. AR

    men in dresses discussing Uganda.

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