No Fairfax/News conspiracy

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One thought on “No Fairfax/News conspiracy

  1. Tom McLoughlin

    Brian Mitchell, you are so right. But they will run against anyone contrary to their own corporate interest, hence the backlash against boring Barry the Premier recently. Actually I may have edged that along a bit in my blog (its the smog, mortalitly rates, million cars sold a year, roads filling to capacity, which makes big road projects so dumb) so I chuckled to see Barry’s boys p*ss in the pocket of the SDT’s editor with condescending assuranes to “listen and consider” all suggestions from the SDT’s campaign on transport. This was commented on by Ben Sandilands in crikey earlier in this edition.

    I wanted to question Ben about some premises in his piece:

    Q1 – fuel costs to reduce overall air travel?

    Q2 – isn’t high quality train travel actually really relaxing? You can walk around. You can watch the countryside. You can do serious work provided you have wireless internet. Is that not a retail proposition and differentiation for business customers? Just asking.

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