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Topic: Weekend Read
Former editor of The Age Alex Lavelle

Age editor’s demise highlights indifference towards mainstream media

Alex Lavelle's sudden resignation didn't rock Melbourne society's boat. He sank as he rose — unknown and unlamented by no one other than staff.

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The virus is robbing many people of a ‘good’ death. How do we change that?

COVID-19 has taken away our ability as a society to avoid the topic of death. But we've needed to improve our 'death literacy' since well before the pandemic hit.

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Victoria’s new outbreak marks the limits of finger-pointing

Rather than ask why so many Victorians ignored the tickle in their throats and went to work, we need to ask how we've built a society where so many people had no other choice.

John Kerr and Pine Gap surveillance base (Image: National Archives of Australia; Wikimedia)

The PM, the spy and the governor-general: what John Kerr didn’t tell the palace

The Palace Letters fill out perfectly the ongoing mystery of John Kerr's true mission: the preservation of the US intelligence apparatus in Australia

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Can economics create trustworthiness? The importance of good social capital in times of crisis

Western governments are repeating the mistakes of the past. As economic crises worsen, we need investment in social capital to increase trust and well-being.

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The A-League just survived the pandemic, but can it survive the FFA?

It's been 115 days between drinks, but a demoralised A-League is showing signs of being alive and kicking — and finally the FFA is stepping up.

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We forgot the Spanish Flu. Will we remember the coronavirus?

It was the deadliest disease in human history, yet it's treated as little more than an afterthought. Surely this time it'll be different.

Black Lives Matter protesters in Greece (Image: Menelaos Michalatos/SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Without mystique, power is suppression — and the American fantasy is just that

Trump's response to the protests has revealed the lie at the heart of the American myth.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon

For a new breed of right-wing ideologues, ‘wrecking crew’ politics isn’t fast enough

Meet the 'occult right' — traditionalist conservatives attempting to rapidly destroy the organisations they have been put in charge of.

How the environment could save the economy, post-pandemic

With the economic cost of climate inaction not an option, green research and development may be just the thing to jumpstart an economy ravaged by coronavirus.