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Topic: Hidden Influence
(Image: Unsplash/Matt Howard)

Forget emissions, it’s all about the fuel: where alt-climate ideas grow

Their views may not yet be mainstream, but powerful groups of alt-environmentalist climate sceptics are spreading like wildfire.

Hugh Morgan (Image: CInnovationGlobal/YouTube)

Bush logic: behind the influential group fuelling climate denialism

What is the climate-denying Saltbush Club — and who's on the member roll?

Michael Hintze with former senator Richard Alston at a gala dinner, 2008 (Image: Australia Day Foundation)

Conservative pollie in need of a job? Give Michael Hintze a call

With so many conservative former politicians landing gigs with ideologue think tanks and cash-flushed hedge funds, it must be asked: who really owns conservative governments?

Former prime minister Tony Abbott (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

‘Money talks’: outrage at billionaire climate sceptic’s political donations

Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt and Stirling Griff condemn Australia's donations system which can effectively block action on climate change.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott and billionaire Michael Hintze (Image: Shutterstock/Alan Davidson)

The minister, the cardinal and the billionaire climate sceptic you’ve probably never heard of

He's a conservative billionaire with ties to Tony Abbott, Angus Taylor and George Pell. But who is Michael Hintze?