Why am I receiving renewal or subscription reminders?

Crikey sends you reminders towards the end of your subscription to let you know that your subscription is expiring and to make sure you renew before you miss any editions. We get a lot of feedback from people who appreciate the nudge to keep their subscription going. Once you’ve renewed your subscription, they’ll stop.

If you have recently renewed your subscription but find you are still receiving these reminders, they are probably being triggered by another email address that you have previously registered with Crikey. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will have a look for you. 

I would like to suspend my subscription between two dates – how do I do this?

If for any period of time you will be unable to access your Crikey subscription – for example, if you are travelling and will have minimal internet access – you can suspend your subscription between two dates. This will stop your Crikey subscription for a certain number of days and add those days to your existing subscription expiration date.

 To organise a subscription suspension please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 03 8623 9900 during business hours AEST.

Where can I see when my Membership is due for renewal?

If you would like to check when your Crikey Membership is next due for renewal please sign into your Crikey account and visit the Member Portal, by clicking the ‘My Account’ option in the top right hand corner. Here you will find all of the details regarding your Crikey Membership including your next renewal date.

How do I change the personal details on my subscription?

To update your personal details, sign into the website and go to the ‘My Account’ page.

You can also update details by contacting support at [email protected] or by calling 03 8623 9900 during business hours AEST.