Liberal MP Bridget Archer (Image: Private Media)

Gothic Archer Liberal MP for Bass Bridget Archer caused her party all manner of annoyance over the past year -- distancing herself from the Morrison government's chaotic final months, crossing the floor to vote against their religious discrimination bill and notably scrapping any mention of the party from her election material. A cynic might have noted that Archer, roughly 500 votes away from losing her seat, had made a calculation that jumping from the sinking ship before it exploded (there was a lot wrong with the ship...) couldn't do her any harm.

That said, we have to give her some credit for continuing to push the moderate line now that she's secured another three years: she plans to cross the floor and vote with Labor on its new climate bill. But her disclosures overnight do paint an interesting counterpoint to all this -- she owns a bunch of shares in mining companies with her partner:

Is the vote for an emissions reduction target while investing in fossil fuel companies yet another sign of her selfless commitment to her principles, or... perhaps a sign that Labor's targets don't go far enough?