(Image: Flickr/David Holt)

In ConservativeWorld™, the UK is a nation facing numerous grave challenges: we are simply not sending enough refugees to Rwanda; some of us don’t have flags in our garden; we are being far too slow to cut corporation tax; we aren’t making trans people’s lives miserable enough.

It has only been three weeks since Boris Johnson resigned, but the leadership contest has already made the living envy the dead, as both candidates choose their issues to live down to the most dismal characterisation of their Conservative Party membership -- the 0.2% of the population who will vote for the new leader and thus PM.

But in their flailing attacks on the failures of the government of which they were until recently both still senior cabinet members, there is the slightest hint of something worth looking over and remembering more vigorously. It is all at once the most blatant thing imaginable, and yet something that we have all started barely to notice.