(Image: Private Media)

You got him pegged Our primary response to The Australian's youth offshoot The Oz has generally been "Who the hell wanted this?" But late on Friday it (briefly) had a piece up that a lot of people would want to read: an investigation into whether Prince William, a fine modern gentleman, was into pegging (FYI, if you need any clarification on this term we recommend you don't seek it via your work computer).

Not only did it run it, it fully committed to it, adding some delightful Queen Elizabeth content to its TikTok account:

But the parent company was struck, perhaps by a conviction that regardless of verisimilitude this was no one's damn business and could open the door to lots of gross kink-shaming, or perhaps by more practical legal concerns -- either way, just as it was decided that a headline was no place for the word "cum", the whole story was shelved.