(Image: seven.com.au)

The one thing you can say about Wednesday night TV viewing is that it's not boring if you compare it with Tuesday night. But Seven doesn’t care. A repeat of An Audience With Adele (278,000 nationally) and Friday’s Better Homes and Gardens moved to last night because of the start of the Commonwealth Games: 519,000 nationally.

I have loved the chats this week on 7.30 between host Sarah Ferguson and chief political correspondent Laura Tingle. Very by-the-fireside and homey. The mechanics of last night’s, though, had the hallmarks of being rushed and last-minute -- a bit disjointed and too brief. 7.30 had 764,000 viewers nationally.

Ten’s Brain Eisteddfod with Shaun Micallef: 497,000 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm after 599,000 for its debut a week earlier. Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell on the ABC at 8.30pm: 678,000. Nine’s Beauty and the Geek: 649,000 -- down from 711,000 a week ago.