Nikolai Petrovsky's update on his unapproved Australian vaccine COVAX-19 (Image: Supplied/GoFundMe)

The controversial vaccine maker who raised $1 million for an Australian COVID-19 vaccine candidate with no public data proving its effectiveness, is seeking more donations while also railing against the “new world order”.

Nikolai Petrovsky designed COVAX-19, a COVID vaccine that sought to be the first and only approved Australian-made shot. Last year he garnered attention -- and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations -- by refusing to get an approved vaccine despite his work’s mandate and by publicly smearing the reputation of approved and proven mRNA vaccines. As a result, conspiracy and anti-vaccine communities widely shared Petrovsky’s interviews.

Despite touting promising results and claiming his vaccine had been administered millions of times in Iran, both Petrovsky and the acting chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee told participants in Australian trials last year that they should seek an approved vaccine, The Australian reported