A 3D rendering of the Omicron COVID-19 variant (Image: Adobe)

If you believe everything you read in the mainstream media, a lot of people are reportedly dying of COVID. On Tuesday, official reports claimed 104 COVID-related deaths, the day before there were 28 deaths attributed to COVID. Last week, it was claimed that 400 people died of COVID. But are the statistics telling the whole story?

While the case fatality rate of Omicron is extremely low globally at under 0.20% (the infection fatality rate is believed to be perhaps as low as 0.01% -- as many people don’t test themselves, or don’t report a positive test, or are completely asymptomatic), the reported death rate in Australia is strangely high by global standards. According to reported data, 16% of all deaths in Australia last week were due to COVID.

Something here just doesn’t add up: how can Australia be both one of the most vaccinated countries on earth and also have one of the world’s highest COVID death rates?