(Image: MidJourney/Bernard Keane)
(Image: MidJourney/Bernard Keane)


How Shanghai residents evaded — or failed to evade — the Xi regime’s zero-Covid lockdown policies, and the turmoil they caused. Pornography as tech innovation driver part 45,993: Chinese gamers use game engine Steam to evade porn bans. Need another reason to hate the money-laundering, tax-evading, market-rigging HSBC? It’s getting very cosy with the Xi regime. China and nuclear proliferation — an American perspective.


White supremacist terrorists are not “lone wolves” — they are part of a deliberate strategy by extremists to evade responsibility for atrocities. How the right celebrated Biden’s COVID diagnosis. Judith Butler on the overturning of Roe v Wade. So California’s governor has just signed a law modelled on a Texas anti-abortion law, but aimed at guns. In order to be consistent with its own rulings against abortion, the US Supreme Court will have to uphold it, or otherwise hand power to the states to regulate guns. Nice trap.


The always excellent Lauren Rosewarne on feel-good TikTok videos. Scientists, evidently with nothing better to do, find a way to beat betting companies — and promptly get themselves banned (no fingers broken though… yet). Two former Trump officials have set up a company that uses influencers as lobbyists (now there’s a marriage made in hell). What exactly are algorithms and why are they making everyone feel so anxious?