Scott Morrison delivers a sermon at Margaret Court's church last Sunday (Image: Supplied)

For a man who has devoted most of his life trying to get into government, Scott Morrison sure has a low opinion of them. After an unsuccessful career in tourism marketing, he moved from political party machine man to MP and, eventually, to the prime ministership. Now he says you shouldn't trust government.

Affecting the air of a grizzled veteran, one who has been there done that, Morrison now declares: "As someone who’s been in it, if you are putting your faith in those things, like I put my faith in the Lord, you are making a mistake."

It's reminiscent of when a bitter Mark Latham, having spectacularly flamed out as Labor leader, left politics and warned young Australians not to waste their time with parliamentary politics. Inevitably, Latham has since decided parliamentary politics really are worthwhile after all, having found a political party that would have him.