UAP's Ralph Babet, Country Liberal Party's Jacinta Price, and the Greens' Stephen Bates (Images: Supplied)

Yesterday we lamented the departure of the great traders in the outrage economy from the last Parliament -- George Christensen, Eric Abetz, Craig Kelly et al -- and with them, plenty of great content. We determined we would find replacements, with your help.

Our first candidate was Jacinta Price, the Warlpiri/Celtic woman whose deeply conservative views on Indigenous issues in particular at the very least guarantee her reams of coverage in the hard-right nooks of the Murdoch empire. But we need more, much more. Here are a few more to keep an eye on:

The teals

The teal independents feature high-profile professional women who are nevertheless outsiders new to the world of parliament, and they've already produced a lot of "we ought to stick together" posts. Plus, they can go hard on the relatively narrow focus of their platforms -- gender equity, integrity, climate change. And it's promising that teal MP Monique Ryan -- who snapped up Kooyong at the expense of former treasurer Josh Frydenberg -- announced today that Sally Rugg, former campaign director with grabby content experts GetUp, is her chief of staff.