Ed Kavalee, Tom Gleisner and Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention? (Image: Ten)

Shock! Horror! Stop the presses! Ten had a major win last night -- for the first time in years it topped the main channels in metro TV, beating Nine and Seven (and the main channels are where the money is made in FTA TV). That win was thanks to an audience build for the new program Hunted (aka The Amazing Race with CCTV) and the very funny Have You Been Paying Attention, which is always better when Sam Pang is in his chair.

Ten also -- for the second Monday night in a row -- ran second in total people behind Nine but in front of Seven, which struggles on Monday nights when it can’t be saved by the AFL. Hunted’s second ep built on to its launch figures -- 993,000 last night, up from 851,000 on Sunday night. It's an audience builder -- how long before Seven and Nine try a knock-off?

Nine’s Beauty and The Geek was 537,000 down from 615,000 on Sunday night -- it's a child of the BVOD generation. Seven gave us another Hey Hey special - this one The Very Best of the Best and Worse of Red Faces -- 671,000 down from 994,000 on Sunday night. That’s one unnecessary trip to the nostalgia well for Seven.