(Image: Seven)

Seven lazily went back to the past and once again strip-mined the archive of Hey Hey It's Saturday’s "Red Faces" segment, showing a lack of any original ideas but nonetheless attracting 944,000. Ten at least tried something original with Hunted (a version of The Amazing Race?) and drew 859,000. Nine also did a bit of mining by reviving Beauty and the Geek -- 615,000 tuned in, but maybe it's one for the BVOD gang. Hunted might spark some BVOD interest as well -- it's back tonight, tomorrow night and then next Sunday.

The ABC started Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of The World -- a snore but still 691,000. Also on the ABC -- Insiders, with 593,000, which placed it back in the day's national top 10.

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