(Image: Private Media)

Media managers Is Saturday the new Friday? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's decision to ruin the state premiers' weekend by bringing the emergency national cabinet meeting forward to Saturday from Monday smacks of taking out the garbage. And a relatively successful one at that -- the decision to can the $750 payments to workers without access to sick leave who are forced to isolate with COVID-19 was disingenuously argued for and universally panned.

The reinstatement seemed inevitable, and the equally inevitable "government does a U-turn on pandemic leave" commentary that followed happened while people were largely occupied elsewhere. By today, the government's go-to clean-up man, Treasurer Jim Chalmers, was already filling the headlines with talk of the "white-hot anger" about Russia's invasion of Ukraine (which, well ... is that news at this point?) and China's possible easing of trade sanctions on Australia.

By this morning, the only echo of the pandemic-leave-U-turn discourse was Sussan Ley's quite magnificently terrible intervention, claiming Albanese "owed an apology" to Australians who had recently tested positive to COVID because he had, lest it be forgotten, maintained the existing Coalition policy of having the payment expire on June 30.